Liao Wenjie rushed to stop,Wen Luo, who has seen the hard work,Girlfriend is a police,He has not thought about it.。

He said,Never repent!
Chapter 32 Gifted,General people do not come
After the end of dinner,Cao Dahua andadaWang Xinle。
Where is it?,What to do,Seeing that Cao Dada’s face is proud of the spring breeze.。
Liao Wenjie goes home alone,Pack the mess and worse living room,After washing,Look at the empty room,Suddenly I feel some loneliness。
Usually,Cao Dada will sit on the sofa and look at Liu Xuande.,Some time ago,Zhou Xingxing is still embedded here,Now
“or,I also find a girlfriend?”
Liao Wenjie is lying in bed,Speaking of a female friend, I thought of the Elite Center.,Not because she is young and beautiful,Time。
Since Alita got his number,Three days and two calls,I want to ask him to eat movies.。
Before the words,Next time
Distance, hold, a bit of the fire,Tract twice。
I have to practice eight hours tonight.,No work, thinking about children。
Think of this,Liao Wenjie slowly closed his eyes,Adjusting state into a dream。
Every day, I’m thinking about eight hours.,Like he is such a diligent person,I really don’t have much.!
Heavenly,Liao Wenjie is the same as the alarm,Brush your teeth,On one side pick up the newspaper in the door,Open the house rental。
Although the small money in your hands is enough to loan to buy a house,But in accordance with the principle of preparation,The prenatal rental room is more secure。
soon,He found a good rental room,Three streets from Cao Dada,And the company in work is not far from,fair price,Can contact it。
A phone call to the home,Other party very enthusiastic,24You can arrange your stay at any time in your hours.。
Liao Wenjie does not like to drag the water,Immediately determine the time,Two hours later,The manager of the intermediary has driven the door.。
Don’t read the early 1990s,At this time, the real estate industry is already a suit leather.,The manager is all over.。
Manager surnamed Wang,More than 30 years old,Look at Liao Wenjie’s longitude,Suddenly be surprised,I learned that he is not a monthly salary,Ask if you are interested in the class of 20,000 yuan。
According to Wang Manager,Liao Wenjie this face,Marketing rental,Affirmation,If there is24Hourly accompanying the service,Monthly salary is less than 100,000。
Liao Wenjie refuses to and salty wet,The other side saw him seriously,Suddenly shy,Concentrate on the car。
“Mr. Liao,You rent a house alone,Or share with others,Or or with my girlfriend?”
Although the value is just justice,Liao Wenjie belongs to the top of the top of justice,But the intermediary company where Ming Manager is located is the company,Renting a house is not a money,Some things must be asked clearly,In the future, I have to sign the contract.。
“A person。”
“One person lives two rooms and one hall,Do you want to consider sharing??”
“Can’t,A person is clean,I usually have too many people around me.。”
Two people chatting all the way,Soon arrived at the destination,Jia Ding Garden 6th Building。