If the opponent is other people,But the other party is the general of the Navy,Night can not be confident,While fighting with the yellow gob,Can also protect Robin et al.。

Look at the island where this is not far away,From time to time, huge movement,The island is even in a burst of bangs.,The area gradually becomes small,Pirate,Only the important reaction。
They just seem to escape once.?
Because of the battle of night and yellow,Almost all occur between electric light stone fire,So people on the aceti boat,Most of them are still in the case。
They saw a glimpse of the glance,Their chaler becomes broken。
Then I feel that a huge pressure impressible in can’t speak,I feel that the hull is dramatically shaking.,When they open your eyes,The boat quickly scattered?
“Just what happened??The captain seems to fight with others.?”
“Yes,The other party is very fast,But I seem to see the Navy’s cloak.。”
Navy,They are really seen as a hundred pirates.,They can defeat“Wang Xiaqi Wuhai”Night,Explain sufficient confidence。
but,But not everyone think so,For example, the body trembled Robin。
These only mirroads in the first half of the great route,I don’t know that the Navy is understandable.。
But she Robin,But clearly know,Navy’s strong!
Her hometown O’Jara,It is destroyed by the current three generals.,And the other party is only just“Middleway”Yet。
Although it is a yellow ok today,Not a green,But Robin does not think,With the green sphere“Navy general”Pocket,How much is it than him?。
At this time,But there is no easily imagination.。
rather say,The current yellow ok is now in the heart.p,Because it is a good thing,Just catch a small pirate,Can mix a few days of holiday。
But after fighting with night,,Huang Yuli knows,Things are not the matter at all。
The old man gave him the old man,Not accurate at all。
According to the information obtained from the Warring States Warring States,Yu Feng Jianhao Night is just a sword,And it is suspected to have the ability to control the wind。
But now this sword is exquisite.,Even the swordsman who can only hold hard,Actually“Sword”Yet,This sword is repaired,All“Big sword”Is it good??
Huanghuo has not known,It is the first time that the knife who was killed by the night.,Or because“Sparkle fruit”The advantages,I can’t catch him at night.,He is now absolutely closing。
Although Zemifi evaluates yellow,Too much dependence on fruit,And can’t lead to physical strength。
But this also wants to say anyone,Be able to“Navy”Guy,Body ability is no longer,That is also the existence of most of the pirates。
You said that the yellow sword is not?But you can meet Pluto Relie,Can fight a few tricks with others,You look at how many swords can have this level.?
But this is so,At this time,In the face of the night,It is quite a wolf。
Night again, one knife, a half-month impact,Curricane to cut the earth,All obstacles along the way,Unified knife two paragraphs,Even extends to the sea。
Whole island,Just as a piece of cake,Easy to cut。
And be smashed into the direct hit,But it becomes two golden rays,Subsequent bonding。
“Attempt,Natural series is really troublesome!”
Night is not enough to have a tongue,Sincerely,Armed toner can restrain the natural system,But you must contact it directly。
Night knife cut to the yellow ox,But I can’t hurt each other.,Even if this is striking。
So the night has always been stuck to fight,But people have a weakness every time,I use sparkles to escape,Night use long-distance,But I can’t hurt each other.。
After a long time,Night is also quite wrong,Put down this way,I haven’t been ignored.。