Little fish that understands lips,Don’t want to tangle this problem with Chu Deirers,But a reminder:“If this is the case,Everything can explain!”

Chu Deirers still feel incredible,but……The inner heart has indeed begun。
If lotus is deeply used by Jiang Yulang,Here, in the father of love,The evidence of the poison bonus,It must be chaos in the heart,Then the next situation will“evidence”,Give iron unparalleled,It is not strange。
No one is doubtful,People who move the laminar,Actually cooperated with Jiang Bifai crane……
“However, the previous lotus is not unaware.,That is so big?Not afraid of being exposed on the spot?”Chu Deirers are still incredible,In his impression,Jiang Bifu crane is a cautious person。
For people,So many years,Since the day of thrift,Is the best evidence!
“Jiangnan Heroes,It seems that you cautious,But I can feel it.,There is no shorthanture in his bones.,Never say,He also has a good adventure son。”
The little fish has seen the essence of Jiang Bifaihe.,Chu Dee people also thought at this time,At the beginning, he was still Jiang Feng’s bookkeeper Jiang Qin,Even dare to go to the opposite of the two stars and tigers,Can’t help but accept the statement of small fish。
And the little fish will take a turn:“Moreover, not there is no room for returning.,The bottle is still not preserved by Jiang Bifai.?When did it change it into the king three more scattered?,I am not good。”
Chu Deiren nodded slightly——Whether it is true,They have explore a possibility。
“Jiang Yulang is also in the section,I am going to find him.!”Chu Deiren directly got up。
“Be right……Eh,and many more!You won’t ask him directly.?”The little fish will take the Chu Deirers.,Even busy blocking。
“Do not,I am going to borrow him.,After that, look at the reaction of lotus.。”Chu Deirers are not ready to come.。
Anyway, Jiang Yulang is not worth a distress.……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 838 Genetics
Chu Deirers finally didn’t come and went to Jiang Yulang,One is the little fish,Say he has a better way,Two……Changsha City is out!
At this time, Jiang Bifai is taken with the families of the families.,To grab people from Qunfuyuan……
江南 大 侠,Actually take people to the brothel to grab people,Such a big lively,Natural people look,Chu Deirers also got news。
Side, don’t know the reason,Chu Deiren guessed——Shicheng eight nine is the Huaqi, a sealing order under the group,Contact with Jiang Bifai Crane!
Although Qunyuyuan is the foreign affairs body of the Sun and Moon God,But most of the staff,Be unpredictable……
General in a group of jade,Real sunshine disciple,On a measuring thing and two-three hearts,More important places will be more。
Changsha is a more important county in Jingan,Most practitioners,I only know“It may have a relationship with some Jianghu organizations.,But I don’t have to manage these,It is necessary to report the guest’s words.”Unproductive、Ordinary technical woman。
Therefore, the Hua Kui is sick after being excused.、Suspend pick,Isolated ongoing contact with outsiders。
Chu Deirers are not clear,Yes, they contact,It is also the beginning of the flower, and it is also bought.,Now prepare for forcing,Come get the important supply!
When the Chu deer and the little fish arrived,I saw Jiang Bifai He Zhengyi’s face:“Enjoy the same village,Jiang Mou also knows this,It’s just that it’s all right to get rid of the flowers.,And the innocent ownership,Today is true,Only when you please ask the jade home.!Whether you are shameless,,I am from Jiang Bifai.!”
Jiang Bifu Crane also knows,After this, there is less words in the rivers and lakes.,So I will say beautiful words first.。
Listen to him so sincere,There are also people in the watchman.:“Jiang Dafin rest assured!I am very unfair, everyone is looking at,Who dares to ridicule Jiang heroes in the future?,I can’t go with him the first one of my brothers.!”
“Be right!Is there any nine-headed village?!”
Just when everyone should respond,Just listen to a big laugh:“Hahaha,Jiang Man,Lingang is fourteen years old,Go to Emei Mountain,And that Xiao Xi’s music,Originally, I am still strange,How is this talented?,It seems that it is genetic!”
Just thinking about it is dissatisfied,I saw one person,Don’t worry on your waist,Four way、The big shot is approaching.。
One time,No, no one dares to speak,Instead, several times before,Also low,Quietly retreat。
“Jiang Dafin wants to see which flower Kui?This is anxious,Really do not receive,Can you come to me?!Qunfuyuan,I am familiar.!”Chu Deman,Directly grabbed the arm of Jiang Bifaihe。
When Jiang Bifu, he was just reaching out.,Also want to hide,However, how but how to hide the Chu Deirers……
At the same time, Chu Deirers like this,I heard some skeleton friction,Jiang Bifai’s spirit is still as usual,But I saw sweat in my head.,And the Chu Deirers also secretly:really!
Secrets of spiritual guidance,It is still very rare in the rivers and lakes.。
Chu Deirers think of it before returning to Yunzhuang,Mei Chaofeng’s human skin is lost,Because I have already learned myself.《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Not too much,However, Jiang Bifai was also present at the time.,Now it seems,It’s turning into the Jiang Bifu’s hand.!
Chu Deman“pinch”His cultivation has“Jiu Yin Bone Claw”,That wants to come to the so-called mental guide,It is very likely to have a human skin.“Dafa”!