This bastard,There will be so many small actions in secret.,He set the trap,It’s enough to let him plant a big fight。

Lu Haocheng went through a smell,Laugh,She is holding Blue Xin sitting in his arms.:“Blue,After a few days, the loyalty auction will be,I will definitely get,I have to use loyalty as us all wedding rings.。”
Blue Xin:“”Can you a little mystery?,She is a woman。
This Lu Hao,I really don’t understand women.。
It is also her,Willing to love him。
but,Just rushing this sentence,She doesn’t love it.。
However, the blue Xin is scratched.。
“Haojia brother,So expensive,Why do you have to spend so much money?。”
Lu Haozheng shakes。
Long arm is tightly holding her,The scorpion is deeply dark,Voice coars:“Blue,Do you know what I hate you most??”
Blue Xin was ate,Some look at him surprised,Astonished opening:“Lu Hao Cheng,I will also have a place you hate.?”
Lu Haozheng nodded very honestly。
Blue Xin:“”what?
Blue Xin is somewhat nervous,Her Haojia brother is really annoying,Actually, I hate her.。
She feels very cute to where they are,What can I hate??
Lu Haocheng laughed at her not talking。
Look at this little girl。
“Blue,I hate you most is that the mouth is gentle, called me Hao Chenggong.,Also refused to my good,You know。”
Lu Haocheng looked at her grievance。
Blue Xin:“”Scared her big jump。
She glances at him.。
“Okay,Don’t say these useless nonsense nonsense,Do you still know??
Hurry to handle things well,come home early。”
Blue envelope, stinging arm,Slight eyebrow,Think of today’s things,She scared her deep thinking。
“it is good,Then you promise me,Do not run again。”
Lu Hao Cheng is very helpless,Leave his sight,She will always be injured。
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,Eyebrow:“Where can I go now??
I am injured in my arm.,But ten fingers,I am also very painful.。”
“I will wait for you to come back home.,You go to deal with。”
“This matter brings great losses to the company,I can’t bring such a strike.,Kill chicken monkeys,Be sure to find out the seller,狠 教 一,There is no one dare to sell company secrets.。”
In fact, doing this,Can’t play any effect,Human nature can’t afford money temptation and test。
Hao Peng and them are most understanding this reason.。
Lu Hao’s face is awkward,Nodded,“I will come back after two hours.,If you sleep, you will sleep for a while.,I have to let them come in bother you.。”
“it is good!”
Blue Xin took the initiative to kiss his lips,Appease him。
Lu Haocheng is only happy with satisfaction.。