Xiao Yang sneered in his heart,But calm on the surface:“The director seems to have forgotten something。”
Fan Xiaodong asked with a smile:“what’s up?”
Xiao Yang said:“I did not sell the copyright to the radio,The radio still owes me the copyright fee。”
“How much do you want?”Fan Xiaodong seems to have said so early。
“not much。”Xiao Yang smiled,“《Ghost blowing lamp》I plan to write several,Each copyright is about one million。”
Fan Xiaodong frowned,Xiao Yang, this is obviously the lion’s big mouth,Even those first-line online writers,Radio copyright can’t be bought so high。
If he really promises Xiao Yang,He may leave soon。
“too expensive,300,000 per unit。”Fan Xiaodong frowned and said。
“can。”Xiao Yang said with a smile。
Fan Xiaoxuan and Fan Xiaodong didn’t expect Xiao Yang to agree。
“Three hundred thousand,Calculate the price of the first part,I sell the next few to other stations。”Xiao Yang smiled。
Fan Xiaodong’s face suddenly turned black,This kid made it clear that he was going to challenge himself。