Xiao Yang said seriously:“If someone forces you to do something you don’t want,You can call me,I might be able to help you。”

Dong Wan wanted to laugh,What can you help me?She still replied politely:“Thank you。”
Until Dong Wan disappeared,Xiao Yang just recovered,Back to the private room。
Half an hour,Xiao Yang, they finished eating,Go home separately。
Xiao Yang wanted to send Yuan Zhiling back in person,But see Shen Manwei and Yuan Zhiling on the same road,He had to give up。
Yuan Zhiling seems to be able to see what Xiao Yang is thinking,Send a message to Xiao Yang:“Manwei should stay with me for more than half a month。”
Xiao Yang was not lost,Got excited,Yuan Zhiling is willing to send a message to tell him this kind of thing,Can he not get excited?
Whistling,Xiao Yang went home happily。
But when he opened the door to rest,Suddenly there was a call:“Xiao Yang……”
The sound stopped abruptly。
Xiao Yang heard this familiar voice,Sudden change of face。
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