As long as it’s not someone with IQ arrears,At this moment, we all know that Xiao Yang is by no means as simple as an ordinary host,There are definitely big shots behind them。
Shen Xingyi’s face is hot,He can’t get off the stage。
Assistant director,“Star shift,Let’s just leave things for today,Xiao Yang still plays his play,You don’t give up。”
Shen Xingyi’s face is gloomy,“The movie was invested by my Shen family,I just don’t want him to stay on the crew!”
He became a little bit angry。
The disciples of Tai Chi Hall can’t help but enjoy。
Xiao Yang said,“Is your movie available?”
Shen Xingyi sneered,“Do you want to say that you can block the movie??”
Xiao Yang smiled,Took out the phone and called Lee Dong Wook,“East,Do you know the Shen family??”
Jin Donglai didn’t expect Xiao Yang to call himself,Very excited to say:“know,The Shen family is a family of martial arts,There are still many people in the family doing business。”
Xiao Yang said,“Can the Shen family’s entertainment industry be blocked??”
Jin Donglai said without hesitation:“completely fine。”
Kidding,What the Taishifu ordered,Even if there are a lot of difficulties, he has to finish it。not to mention,The Shen family is just a snake in the east of the East China Sea。
Xiao Yang said:“Tell the person in charge of the Shen family,Blame Shen Xingyi。”
Jin Donglai nodded,Act immediately after hanging up。
Of course Shen Xingyi doesn’t know who Xiao Yang called,He didn’t believe that Xiao Yang could get the Shen family。
Only the people in the Tai Chi Club know who Xiao Yang called,That sound“East”,Really scared them,This young man actually called the curator’s name,What is his relationship with the curator??