I mind,Doesn’t seem to matter。

As long as Zhou Rui’s mother is happy,What can i say。
Besides,Two people are over half a hundred years old,Can depend on each other,After a stubborn life,Also pretty good。
“I should bless them。”I smiled indifferently。
Zhou Rui gave me a kiss on the cheek,“thank you。”
Her gentle tone,Suddenly made me have a certain impulse。
This kiss,Like a match,I instantly ignited my gas tank that has been holding back for a long time。
I feel like I’m going to explode。
then,We have something logical。
Zhou Rui catered to me fiercely。
When I woke up the next morning,Just over six o’clock。
Looking at Zhou Rui who is sleeping,I suddenly thought of a question。
I once heard her say,Old Wu’s son is abroad,in other words,He should have a wife。
but,See from my video,Never found any other woman,I went to Lao Wu。