No one noticed,A shadow in the clouds flashed by。

The scene of Yang Pingfan leading people to sell corpses fell in the eyes of millions of viewers around the world,The Liberation Alliance was once again scorned by the public,Waste time burying the body,So that it was exposed for too long in the wilderness,Found by other teams,About to face extinction,This is the evil result of the benevolence of women。
The shadow that flashed by was a pair of wings,Transformed man with flying ability,Scouts belonging to Ossetia。
That flight modification man is“Comanche”Head of reconnaissance,The Comanche is a team of hunters of Indian descent.,Good at tracking,Hobby is cutting the scalp of prey,They are equipped with large hunting bows and poisonous arrows with a blood seal,With the help of Hawkeye Transformation,Is a force not to be underestimated。
The Comanche set an ambush on the path of the Liberation Alliance,But an accident happened,The target stalls out of range of the hunting bow,And they were also hit from a kilometer away。
That is a Barrett sniper rifle,12.7Millimeter bullets have much greater range and lethality than bows and arrows,The Comanche meets the opponent——Underground Fury League。
Yang Pingfan knows that someone in front of him wants to ambush him,When he was in formation,Suddenly another team,Fight with the Comanche,Take a look,Yang Pingfan suddenly raised his mouth,The so-called Underground Fury League,Isn’t it the one he saved just now??
The chief fox maiden retaliated,Actually saved the Recovery Alliance once,The previous account is written off。
Two hundred leaders meet again,The leader of the Underground Fury League,That enchanting fox girl suggested to Yang Pingfan,They cannot join the Recovery Alliance,But you can unite with him,We all form an alliance to advance and retreat。
This style of play is not uncommon,Longitudinal and horizontal,Hug Tuan to get warm,Wait for the dust to settle before dividing the cake to decide the winner,This kind of drama is indispensable every time there is a change of dynasty,The victor becomes the emperor,The loser will perish,Or become a founding hero,But that is history after all,Only one team can win in a survival game,Temporary alliances can’t avoid the ending,Everyone knows。
Yang Pingfan thought for a while,Nod,So the Recovery Alliance and the Underground Fury Beast Alliance officially became allies.,There are more than one hundred and ninety people on both sides.,One night last night,The Underground Fury does not have the strength and luck of the Recovery Alliance,Broke some people,But Rao is so,The number of people after the merger,It’s almost the largest surviving team。
The Liberation Alliance has greatly increased its strength at the same time,The casino affiliated to Solar System Entertainment also opened a new deal,Gamble on when will the Alliance and Underground Fury be in conflict,Who can win。
But beyond everyone’s expectations,The infighting that the audience loves to see did not appear,Alliance Lien Chan Lien Win,Can’t care about cannibalism,Even more surprising,In previous battles,The points of the Guangfu group are the highest,They kill the most enemies,Make the most contribution,The underground fury beast that should be the main force can only act as a scout。
First496chapter Yang Jian,Daji,Nezha!
It’s another fight to end the day,The sun didn’t go down completely,The moon has already risen in vain,The late breeze has moved the declining wasteland,There is a smell of soil and dead grass evaporation in the surrounding air.。
In a dilapidated seaside town,recovery—The members of the Fury Beast Alliance are eating,There are scouts patrolling the periphery,They can enjoy seafood dinner quietly。
It’s been a week since the airborne landing on Madagascar,recovery—The Fury Beasts League team snowballed and grew to more than 1,000 people,Teams are constantly joining,Someone killed,Someone left,The faces of the original members have long been missing,But the leader has not changed,Yang Pingfan relies on force far superior to others、Wisdom and benevolence,Got everyone’s respect,Become an alliance leader。
Yang Pingfan’s core staff,Or Zhang Xiaoming and the five,Besides,The first fox girl who led the team to invest in the 100-person level was also accepted by the core team,Zhang Xiaoming asked the name of the fox girl,The fox girl stretched out her hand and brushed the hair on her forehead,Light tone,“When I was an ordinary reformer,They call me stinky fox,Start hunting later,They call me fox,When I bring up my own team,They call me sister fox,But myself,Still like others calling me Ari。”