Gao Weiyi called out in surprise:“what is that?”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Praying pill
original,She found some traces of elixir in the gravel。
“This may be the legendary treasure!”Lei Tianzi said with joy。
Tianzi Lei summoned all the immortals caught on the way,Everyone cast a spell,Said:“You help me do things,Go around and collect the elixir,Reward for doing well,Kill you,This spell except for those who are above the realm of true immortality,Others can’t unlock,If anyone escapes,The spell cast turned into a bomb that exploded this person to pieces。”
Under the threat of Lei Tianzi,No one dares to escape,There are about a thousand people,Obediently。
The hidden medicine in this mountain took three days to be collected,Qian Qian smashed the nearby mountain again,Sure enough, some unearthed fairy medicines were found。
Everyone knows,It turns out that the treasure in this space was obtained in this way,Because Lei Tianzi didn’t abuse them,Cultivators work harder to collect the elixir。
They push all the way in one direction,The elixir obtained after half a year is piled up like a mountain。
this day,They heard a rumbling sound from a distance,Suddenly a strong king of the kingdom appeared in midair,A big face is as big as a basketball court,Staring at Gan Qian and shouting:“Where did the immortal cultivator rob me of resources?Get out of me。”
“go to hell。”Gan Qian is not weak and bully,Slap over,The two strong men immediately fought together。
Lei Tianzi said to Gan Qian:“Use magnetic talisman,Hurry up and end the battle。”