Subsequently,I am busy turning my eyes away。

See no evil,See no evil,I warned myself over and over again。
The takeaway is very generous。
Yao Yun handed me a pair of chopsticks,Then I poured two more glasses of red wine。
“President Yao,You don’t have to be so rich。”I said with a smile。
Yao Yun is sitting across from me,“Two days with you,You helped me too much,thank you。”
She said,Pick up the wine glass on the table。
“You are welcome,I take the company’s salary。”I said with a smile。
I don’t want her to feel that she owes me a lot of kindness,because,If she asks others to help her collect debts,I think others won’t refuse。
As for saving her last night,in fact,I am also responsible。
“Cheers。”Yao Yun was not polite to me,Touched my cup,And drank with me。
Reasons for hesitating to work,Let me develop a good stomach。
Drink more than a catty,Still work as usual。
But Yao Yun is not good,Two glasses of red wine,Her face is flushed,Talk more。
She chattered to me about her college days,Said she had talked with a boyfriend before。
I sit aside,Be a listener quietly。
“Do you know why you are a waiter in a clothing store,When I said you were my boyfriend,Did i refuse?”Yao Yun stared at me。
Suddenly,My nerves are tense。
Such a sensitive topic,How can she say it?