She slapped her face hard。

then,A few guys began to tear Yao Yun’s clothes。
“Fucking,This little loli is so exciting。”
“The skin is so fucking white。”
“I want to make the first shot。”
“So small,Is it a minor?。”
Everyone’s eyes,Put it all on Yao Yun,Spit out foul language one by one。
Yao Yun whispered in horror,“Don’t,No!”
This shout,It further stimulated the animality of those animals。
They smirked,While speeding up the hand movement。
Yao Yun’s clothes were torn in several places。
This makes my heart that has been stunned,Suddenly become strong at this moment!
I must protect her。
No matter what the price is today,I also want to take care of her!
I endure the pain,Got up hard from the ground。
Grabbed a chair on the ground,Sight the head of one of the guys.。
A crisp sound。