New energy storage should adhere to "two diversification"

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" New Energy Storage Development Implementation Plan ". It is clear that by 2025, the new type of energy storage will enter the stage of large -scale development from the initial stage of commercialization, and it has large -scale commercialization. Application conditions. In less than 5 years, the new type of energy storage must complete the preparations for comprehensive commercialization, and the challenges are not small.

As the key infrastructure of energy green and low -carbon transformation, the new energy storage technology routes are complex and the application scenarios are flexible. To build a complete new energy storage system, we must adhere to the technology and apply "two diversification". New energy storage refers to the new type of energy storage technology other than pumping, including electrochemical energy storage, compressed air storage, flywheel energy storage, heat storage, cold storage, hydrogen storage technology, etc. No matter what kind of technology is adopted, the main purpose is to store excess power and call it when needed.

Electricity is a special product. In the traditional power system, the entire system is always in a dynamic balance, and how much electricity must be used as much as possible.

Once this balance is broken, it will cause large -scale power outages and production safety accidents in severe cases. In the era of thermal power, accurately scheduling through the power grid, how much electricity can be used to use.

With the large -scale access to the power grid of new energy such as "eating by the sky", the power generation time and power are difficult to control, and the real -time balance of the power system is becoming more and more difficult to grasp. Based on the calculation of more than 80%of the proportion of non -fossil energy consumption in 2060, theoretically, new energy installations such as wind power and solar power generation in my country will reach billions of kilowatts, becoming the main body of power supply, and the imbalance of power supply and demand may become normal.

If some electrical energy is stored in the warehouse like ordinary products, the user needs to be delivered when it needs, and when it does not need to come in, the power system can be kept in real -time balance.

Energy storage facilities are this important "warehouse". Under the "double carbon" goal, it is imperative to accelerate the application of new energy storage technology. Among the energy storage facilities, the most widely used, mature and economical is the pumping storage power station, but it has higher requirements for geographical conditions, long construction cycle, and difficult to lay out. The new energy storage construction cycle is short, the site is simple and flexible, and the ability to regulate is strong, which is exactly complementary with the advantages of pumping storage.

In the context of the centralized construction of new energy development, especially in the context of centralized construction of the Gobi Desert Large Wind Power Photovoltaic Base Project, the importance of new energy storage has gradually become highlighted.

At present, the new type of energy storage is facing a major problem, that is, there are many types of technology, different technologies have different route performance, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and there is no possibility of a technology "beating the world."

From the perspective of the development stage, various technologies are generally in the application demonstration stage or the starting stage of large -scale application. The technology maturity is generally not high, and continuous research and development and engineering optimization are still needed. For example, the relatively mature electrochemical energy storage of technology still faces problems such as safety, adaptability, and high cost. From the perspective of resource conditions, the development space of each technological development still has "ceiling".

Electrochemical energy storage is subject to mineral resources, and compressed air storage is limited by geological geological factors. Therefore, building a complete new energy storage system should adhere to "technical diversification".

At the current stage, the progress of new energy storage technology still has uncertainty, and too specific policy planning can easily cause resource mismatch.

What kind of technical route, how to match the installation, and how to combine all kinds of technologies, you must not follow the capital command stick. Relevant departments should do a good job of top -level design, combine the existing industrial environment, technological level, cost cost, and resource endowment of various places to conduct scientific arguments, and accurately choose new energy storage technologies suitable for my country’s national conditions to give key support and cultivation. For new energy storage technology with large disputes, carefully expand commercial operations.

Establish a complete new energy storage system should also adhere to "diversified application".

The application of energy storage technology runs through three links: power side, grid side, and user -side transformation of new power system transformation.

At present, the new energy storage application is mainly configured with power fields and photovoltaic power stations. As of now, more than 20 provinces and cities in my country have issued new energy configuration energy storage policies, with a configuration ratio between 5%and 20%. Although the market growth rate is rapid, the too single application scenarios limited the overall market size. It is not conducive to give full play to the supporting role of new energy storage on the new power system.

The energy storage system is essentially a provider of flexible power supply. In the future, the energy system will be a diversified energy system consisting of new energy as the main body and various forms of energy. Application scenarios will also continue to expand.

Among them, the most closely related to most people is the user’s side energy storage. Data show that in 2021, the residential energy storage system occupies the leading position of the German battery energy storage market.

With the acceleration of new infrastructure construction such as 5G communication, data centers, and new energy vehicle charging piles, and the advancement of energy storage technology, the power market has continued to improve, and the breadth and depth of the user’s side energy storage applications will continue to expand. (Source of this article: Economic Daily Author: Wang Yichen.