Researchers talk about Xiong’an: This is a grand "test field"

"Xiong’an is a magnificent ‘test field’, and scientific researchers can make bold innovation and creation here.

Huang Wuling, a researcher at the Xiong’an Innovation Research Institute Cognitive Intelligence Lab.

In order to implement the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei coordinated development strategy and fully support the development of scientific and technological innovation in Xiong’an New District, in 2019, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hebei Provincial Government decided to jointly build the Xiong’an Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ("Xiong’an Innovation Institute").

Huang Wuling has studied and worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences for 13 years, and later joined the well -known Internet companies such as Alibaba and Meituan.

Earlier this year, Huang Wuling came to Xiong’an New District from Beijing and joined the Xiong’an Innovation Institute to be responsible for research in the direction of unmanned system.

In fact, as early as 2019, Huang Wuling "associated" with Xiong’an.

At that time, he worked in Internet companies and had participated in the unmanned distribution project of the Cainiao Station of the Xiong’an Citizen Service Center. "In Xiong’an Innovation Institute, I can give full play to the work experience of scientific research institutions and Internet companies, which can solve key issues in the industry and familiar with the implementation path of research on the application of results." Huang Wuling told China News Agency reporters The college is also a new type of scientific research institution integrating scientific research, education, and think tanks. In the later period, he will invest energy in graduate training and smart city think tanks. "In the practice scenario of Xiong’an, we have higher requirements, both require both the industry problems and the establishment of the business model (whether) the application of the application. ‘The emergence and development.

Huang Wuling said.

Huang Wuling said that Xiong’an built in the future, from the perspective of scientific research, can find growth research problems and data, from the perspective of the industry, you can find a lively practical scene. I hope that more people will come to Xiong’an to practice their dreams.

"Although the living conditions here are not as good as first -tier cities such as Beishangguangshen, they have gathered various elements of scientific research and innovation work, encouraging bold innovation and practice, and there is a charm that is different from other cities." Huang Wuling said. Essence According to reports, the Xiong’an Innovation Research Institute currently builds international first -class scientific research institutions around the five major areas of information technology, modern life sciences and biotechnology, new materials, green ecological agricultural technology, and ecological environment. Important bases for breakthroughs and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Huang Wuling hopes to work in Xiong’an for a long time. "With the development of Xiong’an construction, in addition to scientific research and industrial applications, I hope to put energy in teaching, training and think tanks in the future to cultivate more availability for Xiong’an. talent". (Cui Tao) (Responsible editor: Song Yanwen, Shi Yunjuan) Netizens leave a rational speech on the Internet, please follow the news review service agreement.