The integration of the cultural and tourism of the Two Sessions of Jin Cai tells the charm of the new story of Tianjin

  Tianjin North Network News: This year’s government work report proposed to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people. Cultivate and practice the core values ??of socialism, and deepen the creation of spiritual civilization.

Prosperous press, publication, film and television, literature and art, philosophy and social sciences, and archives. Tianjin has rich historical and cultural resources and profound historical and cultural heritage. In such a historic and cultural city, how to give full play to the advantages of location and resource, to create new cultural products and create a new tourism highlight in cultural tourism? In the past few days, members of the CPPCC National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference have written a wonderful cultural notes, and handed over a heavy assignment of members to tell the charm of the new era of the new era. The world can better perceive the charm of Tianjin.

  After preliminary investigations to support the innovation of the Chinese cultural art trading system, the city currently has a state -owned Chinese art value of about 1 trillion yuan, the value of folk Chinese art is worth 1 trillion yuan, and the number and value of cultural arts are ranked third in the country. Essence How to give full play to the advantages of Tianjin, vigorously develop Chinese culture and art transactions, and revitalize art wealth resources? Qi Chengxi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the CPPCC, suggested that the Tianjin Free Trade Zone will be approved to carry out the innovation of the Chinese culture and art transaction system, the financial innovation of cultural art, and the establishment of a cultural and artistic Yuan universe platform, and the establishment of a foreign art trading market. Qi Chengxi believes that it should be explored in the Tianjin Pilot Zone to explore the establishment of the registration, confirmation, appraisal, evaluation and trading system of cultural art, regulate the listing process, trading rules and delisting mechanisms of cultural art, and promote the industry of cultural art markets Upgrade.

  It is necessary to further promote the Internet+culture+finance, and closely integrate financial capital with cultural capital. Qi Chengxi said that he supports the Tianjin Pilot Zone to carry out innovations such as mortgage, pledge loans, trusts, funds, appreciation and pawn in Tianjin Pilot Zone, and gradually explores the new path of getting out of financial innovation.

  Qi Chengxi said that with the help of the new generation of information technology, the image of Chinese cultural elements can be used to achieve a new stage of combining the number of real -world interactions with the real world, making the world easier, more convenient, more accurate, and more comprehensive to understand Chinese culture Essence At the same time, use the preferential policies of imported goods in the Pilot Free Trade Zone to attract foreign cultural art sellers, exhibition halls, and auction houses to settle in, carry out the display and transactions of foreign cultural arts, active cultural art markets, promote the exchange and cooperation of Chinese and foreign culture Essence Based on smart technology, the transformation and upgrading of tourism is different from that of traditional tourism. The global tourism is becoming a fulcrum that leverage the development, big improvement, and leapfrogging of the tourism industry.

Sun Changlong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy chairman of the Taiwan Union Municipal Committee, said that the global smart tourism is the blue ocean of the tourism industry. It can realize cross -border integration of various industries and various factors, injecting new momentum into industrial transformation and upgrading and sustainable economic development.

  Use intelligent and information technology to help the tourism industry transformation and development. Sun Changlong said that the National Tourism Administration had proposed overall development planning for smart tourism, which provided a reference for the grassroots government to promote the construction of smart tourism. First of all, accelerate the construction of smart tourism data platforms for the whole region, improve data collection, classification, storage, exchange and sharing standards, promote the opening and sharing of government affairs big data information resources, and realize one -stop data resource query, management and calling.

At the same time, promote the construction of comprehensive databases in the tourism industry, and achieve data speaking, data decision -making, data management, and data innovation. At the moment when the epidemic prevention and control are normalized, Sun Changlong recommends to accelerate the construction of a tourist emergency command platform, connect the access control, parking lots and other data of the tourist attractions, and grasp the risk of the tourist attraction in real time.

  Jin Yongwei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the dean of the Municipal Academy of Education and Science, suggested that for some scenic spots with large traffic, it is necessary to make full use of information technology and establish a long -term feasible protection control system to realize the identity recognition and health of tourists entering the park. The status recognition and the traceability of tourists after leaving the park. Jin Yongwei said that the prevention and control of the epidemic has continued to force the transformation of the management model of the travel industry, innovation in service methods, and upgrading of consumer structure. It must not only support encouraging cultural tourism consumption venues to accelerate the transformation and application of intelligent and information technology, but also accelerate the cultural tourism venue Hardware facility upgrades and transformation, coordinate the layout of the national cultural tourism infrastructure construction project, and step by step to implement a number of new construction, expansion and expansion and maintenance and transformation projects, providing hardware guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of the cultural travel industry. The new media helps traditional Quyi to continue to do a good job in the epidemic of the literary and artistic light cavalry, and it will present a new situation in which online and offline performances coexist and change.

Each literary and art school must be prepared for wartime, and continue to play the role and effect of literary light cavalry.

At the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Chinese Quyi Association, he said.

  Jitu said that in a long period of time, the number of publicity and performances on the line online of the arts academy will occupy a certain percentage.

Therefore, each literary and art school must establish emergency plans, innovate contact methods, organize creative teams, form a performance team to ensure that in the case of emergencies, we will launch excellent works as soon as possible to do mission and encourage morale. She suggested that the colleges and regiments are equipped with fixed discussions, rehearsal, recording and other venues, and achieve centralized allocation and unified management. Clear division of labor, responsibility to people, dynamic adjustments, ensure that the equipment is intact, scheduling accurately, meets the needs, and maintains in place, and completes the recording and broadcast of the program at the fastest speed, best quality, and highest level. At the same time, make full use of the technical channels of the new media to achieve the overall communication and establish a new media communication matrix for external exchanges.

(Jin Yun News Editor Sun Chang).