A maximum of 25,000 yuan can be applied! Shenzhen Trade Union incorporates "new crown pneumonia" into the guarantee plan

If a member of the Shenzhen Trade Union confirmed the new crown pneumonia, this year can apply to the Shenzhen Trade Union. After approval, you can receive a care and help deposit of 5,000 yuan/person.

At the Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention and Control Conference held on the 9th, the vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions said that the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions also incorporated new crown pneumonia into the major disease support plan for major diseases in Shenzhen, and employees can apply for up to 10,000 yuan for each other. According to the ancient Cheng Cheng, the union 12351 employee rights protection service hotline is online, and 51 union legal service stations are set up in the city’s densely communities and parks in the city, which is a legal adviser to the union of 95 larger enterprises in the city.

If employees are violated due to the epidemic, they can apply directly to the union for legal aid to the union. For qualified applications, the trade union will act free of charge for labor disputes.

Since the epidemic, the Foundation of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions has raised epidemic prevention supplies worth more than 4.2 million yuan for the mask and disinfection spray. resident. A total of more than 48 million yuan of special funds at all levels in the city, condolences to the first -tier employees of the first -tier -line employees such as centralized isolation hotels, port special classes, and more than 200,000 employees affected by the epidemic.

We will continue to raise care funds to protect the comprehensive guarantee project of the first -line high -risk employees for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The ancient Cheng Cheng said.

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