All the people strive for national health county

The streets in the city of Yucheng County are clean and beautiful.

The Mongolian Media Center for the Yixian County is multi-measures, strive to meet the guidance of the national, provincial, municipal leaders and experts, in charge of "National Health Township (County) Standards", and Yugang County have always improved the human living environment, improve The image of the county city, building a harmonious society is the goal, based on the prevention and control of the epidemic, patriotic health "7 special actions", beautiful county city construction as the starting point, one hand to grasp urban infrastructure construction, one hand to grasp the comprehensive remediation of environmental health, and promote the establishment of national health counties Work. In strengthening facilities, enhance urban image, surrounding urban functions, creation goals of public service facilities, and the public service facilities continue to increase urban public service facilities, and continuously promote urban updates.

At present, there are 1 sewage treatment plant, 1 sewage treatment plant, 1 domestic landfill, 1 percentage treatment station, 3 garbage transfer station, 150 garbage sorting pavilions, more than 1,700 garbage sort collection buckets, built There are 1 national progressive square, 1 stadium, 6 parks in the park, and 1009 toilet settings in key places such as schools, medical institutions. It is located in the main road, park square and other leisure areas. 527 sets, at the main, The municipal street and community street installed the municipal street lamp 1941, the construction of the green space area of ??10,000 square meters and the green coverage rate reached%. At the same time, it is planned to invest 100 million yuan, successively implemented "beautiful line", urban public toilet, sewage supporting pipe network, garbage classification collection booth, farmer’s market construction, old community renovation, shantytown renovation, road transformation, parking lot construction, pull the style The construction of the garden, "Happy La Town Town" special town construction.

In the strengthening department, implement comprehensive remediation, surround the clean, neat, orderly creation goals, and the county to rectify environmental sanitation, maintain urban order as breakthrough, continuously strengthen urban management, traffic, traffic police, market supervision, Wei Jian, live Construction and other universities jointly enforcement.

The traffic police department "staying up all night", focusing on the chaos and chaos; the urban comprehensive law enforcement department focuses on the street shops, the super-storery, mobile vendors do not standardize the business for special rectification; market supervision department focuses on the market The market, the catering service industry conduct special rectification.

The health department focuses on public places, schools, medical institutions to conduct special rectification; the county natural resource department will attack, actively promote the "two violations".

On the basis of special governance, the responsible units of each piece, including the insurance unit, strictly implemented the insurance policy system, and continue to rectify the health of the sanitary corner of the responsible tablet, chaos, occupation, urban operation, chaotic doodle, etc., effectively consolidate Special rectification results. In strengthening the construction of the building, in order to fully promote the environmental remediation of rural people, the full implementation of the local management responsibility, and the village regulations were formulated as the village group, and the rural people’s environmental health remediation is included in the village. "Three" Actions "(ie: Cleaning a family hygiene every day, cleaning a public health week, a mass conference will be held every week), and the rural homage environment has been comprehensively improved. 2017 – 2020, the county won 10 provincial health towns and 91 provincial health villages.