Heilongjiang Armed Police Corps Hospital: Health Poverty Alleviation Medical Can "go on" patient "

The medical team establishes a health record for the village medical examination (Tang Song photograph) to carry out health checkups, open "green channels", accurately distribute drugs … Under the health of the Heilongjiang Armed Police Corps Hospital, Shengli Village’s poor household is sick patients, The disabled people have established a health file one by one, and the medical team regularly in-depth in village to carry out the drug delivery activities. The Armed Police Corps Hospital implemented cost reduction policies on poor patients in villages, and the villagers came to the hospital to seek 70% of the fee from the self-funded projects. With the help of the Heilongjiang Armed Police Corps Hospital, Tian Yajun realized "not difficult to see a doctor", enjoy the policy of paying the first treatment, the spending of the doctor is about 5% of the original cost.

The external debt is also clear, the days are better than a day, and the Tian Yama’s home gradually extracts the hat of poor households.

"Cardiovascular disease has always been a lot of diseases of the villagers." Liu Xuezhong is a village doctor, he has worked in the grassroots health for 34 years.

During the diagnosis and treatment, Liu Xuezhong found that many villagers need daily administration guidance and ECG consultation. However, the grassroots health system has not been able to meet the basic consultation needs of patients in technology and equipment, and he has been suffering from learning training opportunities. "The duties of rural doctors are to protect the common diseases of the villagers. There is no such thing as the village, and the condition is slightly sent by me to the county, the city secondary hospital, but the cerebral infarction, heart infarction, etc., may be a few minutes." Liu Xuezhong felt emotion Said.