Explosives have repeatedly stolen the US military

  A new survey report, a new survey report, which has a certain number of US military explosives (including explosives, grenades, artillery, rockets and tandem, quo, etc.), from the thief, loss and other reasons Disappearing in the ammunition bank. The report believes that this is a more serious incident than a gun, but the US military responds to this issue.

"Lock" does not know the number of lost quantities, 2010 to 2020, US military (excluding the Space Army) lost a lot of explosives. The Army exploded the explosive loss of 1900, of which 1066 relates to C4 or TNT explosives. In addition, it also includes shells, mines, rockets, and 40 mm fake bombs.

It is worth noting that the Army cannot determine the number of C4 explosives, because the relevant report only lists the number of deals. The data of the Marine Corps submitted to the Associated Press is equally ambiguous. The latter is roughly estimated that the troops lost or stolen explosives, including thousands of 40 mm fake bombs and hundreds of pound C4 explosives. The explosive of the Air Force and the Navy is relatively small.

The Air Force lost about 50 pounds of C4 explosives in the past 10 years, 800-foot-length trough and several 40mm fucks; 20 grenades were stolen. The United States said that the data provided by each military species is likely to be less than practical, because not all lost explosives need to be reported to the military high level. For example, in accordance with the provisions of the Pentagon, less than 10 pounds of C4 explosives loss can not know the Office of the Minister of Defense, "This means that the data collected in the five-corner building is not accurate, no one knows how many explosives are flowing from the army."

The suffering of responsibility is the main report, the US military explosives have repeatedly lost or stolen, mainly because of the responsibility of keeping and user responsibility. The Marine Corps recognizes this, saying that the main reason is "human error, such as inventory or error", and perfunctive to existing security programs. The Associated Press reported that there is a vulnerability in the pre-explosive storage, distribution and use of explosives compared to strict firearms. For example, when the guarantor issues an explosive, it is true that they will be detonated, and the signature is not concerned about whether the list or consumption is true.

"According to the regulations, there must be two people’s signatures, but actually take the form when actual operation.

It is not already lost if it is used, or it is only a thief. The report also pointed out that due to calculation errors and lack of strict specifications, the US military ammunition library record record is not accurate, and the relevant information of explosive management lacks reliability.

  As we all know, the flood of firearms is a long-term troubled disease, and the Associated Press issued the investigation report of the military explosive loss incident is more snow, causing people to worry. However, the US military does not care about this.

Pentagon official comforts the people, the explosive of the lost or stolen, "is just a small part of the inventory", do not have to worry too much.

Pentagon spokesman Dalland said: "We also want to reduce the stolen phenomenon to zero, but this is impossible.

"The US Army spokesperson Kelly said that the military has been well enough in explosive management.

  The Associated Press believes that although the Congress has asked the military to submit detailed and specific ammunition loss and the stolen report, it is worrying about the attitude of the Pentagon.