Hunan Jianghua: Talent Helps Rural Revitalization "Time"

People’s Network Changsha on December 13th, "Take the good steel on the blade, the talent service small team should be able to make the strength, big show the skills, and provide accurate talent intelligence for the revitalization of rural industries, the revitalization, cultural revitalization, etc. support.

"On 12 December, in the" Fourth Talence Task "," Help Country Revitalization Talents in Action "Theme event, the Standing Committee of Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, Hunan, Chen Ya, said. He has always been, Jianghua County adheres to the talent Revitalization as an important means of consolidating and expanding the effectiveness of the poverty and the effectiveness of rural revitalization, and the new "Engine" of the country’s revitalization talents, "helping the country’s revitalization talents in action" theme activities is only one of them. "Now the training class, with the past Compared to a lot, learning is new ideas, bringing back to a good path. "Participate in the party organization secretary of the county (community), the director of the village (residential) Civil Committee, the secretary of the Zhonghe Village Party Branch, the Director of the Village Committee, and the director of the village committee, once again, and said. This year, Jianghua County focused The "Leading Wort" team capacity improved, continued to enhance the "two committees" cadres, especially the party organization leadership.

Using 319 village-level teaching points to carry out 2 centralized training in the new village (community) "two committees", training party members and cadres; the party organization secretary, village (resident) The director of the committee training 335 people; carry out the "True Grasping Destinous and Creating Excellent" special training courses, the new era of grassroots cadre theme training class, training 466 people.

"In the past, please, please, please, now, the party’s policy is good, experts’ don’t ask here," said the people in the hearts of the people in the heart of the China Horghum Village Party Branch, "code Zou Jinping, director of the village committee, said.

On December 10, 15 experts organized 15 experts from the Ministry of Education of Jianghuaxian County Party to guide the development and agricultural technology of Zhonghe Village, the city, and guide all kinds of talent services.

This year, the county directional training professional talents were adopted 32 people, recruiting 27 national agglomerates in towns and towns. Innovation to carry out the "Science and Technology Talents Team Help Help", guide the provincial, municipal, county three-level science and technology special staff, more than 1200 people, the biggest function, play the help of the science and technology talent, "three districts" Teacher Deng said, "Xiangnan Edible Fungus" traceability system, driving a planting area of ??more than 60,000 employment, and adds more than 50 jobs.

"Sign in the family doctor, every quarter, at least two times; contact our teacher, regularly welcome your child to make your child lessons; agricultural experts to my home ‘s body Trek’ ribbon development industry, such policies are very intimate.

"Bai Mangying Town Li Ke Shi said. Li Ke Shi is poor households in Bai Mangying Town. They have chronic diseases. They have two children in the compulsory education stage. He is the" medical community we in hand "" Country School Teacher Support Plan " The beneficiaries of action.

This year, the county will send 33 physicians to the grassroots service, 32 outstanding teachers to the rural schools, carry out 165 activities to send medicine, send education, send culture, send technology to the countryside, and actively guide medical care, education talents flow to townships. Grasping the cultivation of local talents, select 10 people to participate in the China Group, the rural practical talents organized by the Agricultural Rural Ministry, the leader demonstration training class, hatching "Yongzhou City Top Ten Farmers", the county Jinshun Planting Professional Cooperative Director Jin Haolin Wait a group of new professional farmers and family members. "The government is talented, because of useful, talent comes, is to achieve its own value. Currently, Jianghua County is fully implementing the ‘Three High Sixth New’ Strategy, and strive to build ‘five Yao capital.

Talents are the first resource of this goal, and the first driving force for innovation and development.

"The person in charge of the talent work of the organization of the Jianghua County Committee said. In recent years, Jianghuaxian County has established the advantages of the Central South University to help the intersection of the school county, continuously build the introduction of talents, talent training, talent poverty alleviation" three platforms ", forming a national minority The "Jianghua Mode" of the underdeveloped area enhanced talents, and sent 26 batch of 76 medical experts in Jianghua, 24 batches of 360 high-quality teachers to carry out education, and cultivated more than 2,100 talents of youth e-commerce. Entrepreneurship and employment transformation More than 400 people. The University of China Jianghua Workstation continues to conduct in-depth research on citrus Huanglong disease. At present, the production and quality of the county test orchard, the quality is significantly improved and improved, and has become the "booster" of rural revitalization; Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences Tea Students Chen Jiangtao team successfully declared the scientific and technological specialist service of the rural revitalization project "Key Technology Research and Demonstration" Jianghua Bori Tea Red Tea Processing will help to promote the development of Jianghua’s bitter tea industry and improve the market competitiveness of the province’s tea industry. Next Jianghua County will continue to establish the philosophy of "Talent Resources is the first resource", do a good job in talent work, focusing on the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization and industrial construction "two main lines" collection related talent resources, comprehensively enhance the public service level, and fully stimulate talents Innovation and creation, providing talent support for Jianghua high quality development.

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