Entering autumn eyes dry and eat deep sea fish

Original title: Autumn eye dry, eat more deep sea fish, deep autumn, autumn dry strike, we start to pay attention to supplement moisture, moisturizer, moisturizer, etc.

In autumn and winter, there is a body organ that has a body organ being ignored, that is our eyes.

Yuan Jin, deputy director of Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center, Sun Yat-sen University, reminded that during the autumn, the number of people will increase season during the winter, this eye disease and individual habits, environmental factors are closely related, and we should Pay attention to the maintenance of the eyes, avoiding the adverse factors that enroll the "home". There are many people in the dry eye, and the children and the old people will "move". In this regard, experts gave professional real eye-catching. Dry eye disease in autumn and winter "Recently, I stayed up again and night, overtime, recently felt that the eyes were dry, itchy, redness, there were foreign body sensation, and it feels uncomfortable.

"Mr. Li, who said, before the holiday, the shaft, leading to the discomfort.

This will be staged almost every day in the eye diagnosis room. The clinical data of Zhongshan University Ophthalmology shows that in the outpatient clinic of corneal eye watch, there are almost half of the rivers.

  "One year into autumn and winter, the number of patients with dry eyes will increase significantly. Yuan Jin, a professor, deputy director of Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center, Sun Yat-sen University, said that dry eye symptoms will be more serious in autumn and winter, because the environment is dry, tears evaporate too fast The eyes are more likely to "dry". With the speed of social life, it is increasing the number of patients with mobile phones or computers such as mobile phone or computer, staying up late, and environmental factors such as mobile phones or computers.

  These habits are easy to cause dry eyes "Our eyes are like a camera, the cornea is the lens, the surface of the tear film protective lens is smooth, forming a clear image." Yuan Jin explained, when there was a dry eye, lost the tear film Effective protection, equivalent to the lens directly exposed in the air, easy to cause damage is no longer smooth, expressed as vision, fluctuations, and severe persons will drop. The reason for the dry eye is very complicated, and it is generally close to our habits and environmental factors. The air is dry, the concentration is too high, will make the tear stability be weak. There will be little sleep, which will affect the secretion of gland, causing dry eyes "on the door". There is also a special type in the dry eye – "Video Terminal Syndrome", using an electronic terminal product mobile phone, computer, PAD, screen blue light has a potential damage to the tear film, and at the same time pay attention to high concentration, blink The frequency is less caused by tears to evaporate too fast.

  It is worth noting that the office is common with the "office artifact", which is originally to prevent cervical spondylosis, "rich package", and use a workbench. The computer screen is high.

In fact, when using this tool, "head" is very particular.

"For the screen, our eyes are recommended to 15 degrees higher than the screen, so that the opening of the eyelid is small, the tears evaporation is relatively small, if the screen is high, the line is high, and the eyes will not be conscious. Accelerate the evaporation of tears.

"Yunxiang can properly use artificial tears everyday life, can you help your eyes" Run Yun "? Yuan Jin suggested that the diet should not take over more fried oil, pay attention to increase vitamin intake, especially vitamins A and vitamin C help maintain corneal eye watch epithelial barrier function. Foreign research shows that supplement quality fatty acids also help prevent dry eyes, you can eat deep sea fish oil.

  If there is a symptom symptom, the degree is relatively light, and the method of rest, eye drops water can be taken. Generally, it is recommended to use artificial tears. If it is free to use antibiotics, hormones, there is a short-term mitigation effect, but serious complications will occur for a long time.

  Experts have added, some "net red" anti-fatigue drops, after use, it feels cool, and the eyeball "red blood" is reduced, but these eye drops often contain a contraction angiogenic, and there will be vascular reflective expansion, aggravate, and gradually. Further, the tear film and eye watch are damaged, and the dry eye patients do not buy eye drops. If you use artificial tears under pharmacies or doctors, you should have no obvious improvement one to two weeks. It should be considered whether there are other combined eye diseases, or this artificial tears are not suitable for themselves, should choose to replace other types of artificial tears, or go to hospital for treatment , Seek professional guidance from doctors. Different age prevention points have different children: in the rapid development stage, the adrenal secretion is strong, it is recommended to eat less frying food to avoid excessive clogging of the gland, causing lacrimal lipid layer insufficient; school-aged pay attention to control electronics usage time, more Outdoor activities. Young people: playing mobile phones, staying up late, opening air conditioning throughout the air conditioner, causing the room to dry and other behaviors.

The bedroom is recommended to use a humidifier.

  Seniors: overall functional degradation, the secretion of gland is also declined, and the gods can easily breed microorganisms, mites, to emphasize the clean hygiene of the eyes.

Regular thermal compress, massage, etc. can improve the secretion of gland.

  Treatment: cold, hot compress, pay attention to Yuan Jin, dry eye treatment means diversified, drug treatment, 除 治疗 治疗, 清, 板 腺 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, It is more common.

Thermal application can make the tandem gland lipids have fluidity while accelerates blood circulation, and stimulates the secretion of gland. Some people like to use beauty instruments, the advantage of steam is to maintain eye moisture, but it is difficult to touch deep gland, but also adopt hot eye stickers, and more helpful to help the glase. The cold compaction is suitable for eye diseases such as wheat sympathy, such as wheat gangshen, allergic eye congestion, alleviating inflammatory stimulation symptoms, promoting eye vascular contraction. In addition, multiple eye disease symptoms and signs are similar to dry eye, and dry eye is often accompanied by many other diseases.

Dry-eye patients are also more likely to have allergicinitis, because the tear itself is diluted to allergies, the tear secretion is insufficient, and the resistance to allergens will be weakened. "(Reporter Liang Chaoyi correspondent Dream Cloud, Wei Chunfu) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhuang) Share let more people see.