China’s first batch of all officers and soldiers went to Abyvi and helicopter teams again won the United Nations "Peace Honor Medal"

People’s Daily On August 20th, at 8:30 am on August 19th, China’s first batch of China’s first batch of two anniversary of the officers and soldiers of Abyvi and helicopters, the United Nations is temporarily in AbyeiThe security troops (hereinafter referred to as Lian Auanquan) awarded the full 86 officers and men of the team "Peace Honor Medal", Lianjia Safety Forces Commander Taisma Major will sign a grand award for each officers and soldiers to recognize them in the Abyei regionThe prominent contribution made in the peace process.It is understood that this is also the second United Nations Peace Honor Medal in which they have received during the implementation of peacekeeping tasks overseas.

The detachment is made from the third batch of China’s third batch of China in August 2019.

The United Nations and the African Union of the African Union (hereinafter referred to as UNION) Zhang Yanchong, Hao Zhaoyu, Yu Hao.