Five years of war! A female doctor’s five-year hard graduation process

After five years of war, I finally passed the formal reply. Can be graduated! It is very relaxed in my heart, there are many emotions! Finally, you can achieve your best for yourself! Five-year doctoral life is the most difficult days I have experienced, I have suffered from the pressure and pain that I have never had, and it is so hard, tears, sad, sad, painful, self-contained With my four years, although there are not many success and joy. I remembered this experience, I have a fear of feeling, I can stick to it and have a successful result, which is really surprising.

Five years of doctoral life, the easiest way to enroll in the first year, every day, in addition to the class is sports, weekends and sisters with dormitory shopping, see COMIC.

At first arrived in Shanghai, just contacted the flower world, I was attracted by Shanghai, and I was less than the bustling, the fashion of Shanghai every day.

I was very late for a year. During this time, I really practiced life for a day and hit a day of life. All wasted.

In fact, I should check the relevant information early, but I don’t.

I am a victim of a typical Chinese education system. From small in the filling of the ducked education environment, I have grown in the parenthood of the parents, and some people can tell me what I need to do. How to do it, complete the post-class homework, review, such learning life I am good at, but reading is another thing.

I found problems, solve problems, do experiments themselves, everything depends on themselves, no subjectivity can be fatal. Usually readers can break through: First, fully master a scientific research field, and the other is to create a new theory in this field.

During this period, I couldn’t change the past learning method. The surface looks very easy. I don’t have anything through the whole day, but my heart is extremely urgent. This situation may encounter, and I am particularly serious.

In the second year, the surrounding students have entered the research, and I don’t know what I have to do. There are two main reasons, one is due to personal and capabilities, they are not active enough.

In addition, the mentor does not have the right topics, which makes me constantly replacing the topics. I haven’t figured out a problem. I have entered the investigation of the next topic. This state has been laid for half a year, and I only published it during the period. The papers, or the summary of the topics made by the master’s phase. The sister of the same dormitory is a university teacher, and there is an English article very often, and others are also playing, but they are very much.

Only I know, I don’t start with it.