Recommend "Emergency Rescue" Peng Yuxi found it! Real working environment exposure …

Previously, a moving moving "emergency rescue" "emergency rescue" in the previous sea rescue is also gradually being known by the public, the prototype of Peng Yuxi playing role in the film in the event – Shanghai salvage Hu Jian, captain Hu Jian, Hu Jian, let us follow Hu Jian captain to explore the rescue team’s duty is 24 hours to provide shipwreck grab, environmental assistance and property assistance services for maritime bidders and facilities. In the diving career, Hu Jian successfully rescued the distressed person, and also encountered a victims who had lost their lives, but he did not give up them, "To bring them up, let the family will be at ease.

Hu Jian said: "As a diver, dedication to the resco career, constantly rescue, and constantly explore the deep sea, not only the good things of the good fortune, and the big thing to climb the peak of diving, I think live It is very meaningful. "How big is the pressure on the diver in the cabin?" Sports Classroom "program is an experiment to bring an intuitive display of the fast stamp 正↓↓↓ on January 13, 2014, the diving clock arrived at 300 meters of the sea, Hu Building the first brake bottle drilled out the diving clock, sliding into the sea, going out, became the first person in China to enter 300 meters deep sea. The birth of my country’s full breakthrough for the first time, and the bright five-star red flag is deeply inserted deeply Deep section, ranking first in the world. Recall that day, Hu Jian said, it is my most proud day.

Although it feels very tired at 300 meters of water, people feel very tired, the whole body feels compressed, like this very simple action, usually like the pressure of our 7 kilograms, but at 300 The environment of the rice feels that the whole person is compressed, the joint is not open. Our director told us 300 meters to it. Everyone cheered, this time, it is very worthwhile, very excited. What do you need to have a salvage diver? Hu Jian said that first is to eat bitterness, and then still have to live loneliness. Diver must have a qualified physical quality and psychological quality, and it is necessary to take a sense of consciousness and hard work, and can independently complete this underwater and multi-change work tasks and emergency situations.

So we have to exercise your body every day, constantly learn new knowledge, and strengthen our diving skills. At the same time, we have to practice and exercise in the project to enhance your own actual experience. If you want to be a saturated diver, he needs a scientific training of a complete set of system to obtain a saturated diver certificate, becoming this special group. One member.

Finally Hu Jian Message "Strong Classroom" classmates, I am a diver Hu Jian, I love my career, often a person in underwater homework, as soon as she takes the helmet to sneak into the water, the world becomes clean, only Focus on and love.

I hope that the students will join the rescuing career in the future, contribute to the salvage, and make the ocean become peaceful. This is the story of Hu Jian captain is also a true life of thousands of Chinese rescue players, they have been unremitted, "I will leave the hope to others, and the danger of death will be left to myself" Do everything I can build the last defense line. Source: China Youth Daily.