Ten relatives died in the US military air raid Ajia court, "from Washington’s justice"

On November 12, it reported that Reuters reported on November 10th, in the United States, an Afghan family lost 10 relatives in the United States, a family of Afghanists lost 10 relatives, including 7 children.

Its family members say they are still seeking justice, but after more than two months of tragedy, they still have not received American reply.

The US military has said that a series of errors have led to this attack. Their attack object was originally an Islamic organized suicide attack, and the US military believes that he constitutes an imminent threat to the Kaul Airport Army headed by the United States. According to reports, the man Ahmidi, who was hit, in fact, works for the headquarters of non-governmental organizations in the United States.

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said Ahmidi’s activities are harmless, and the Pentagon is taking into account compensation.

In the residence of the prison fire missile attacked by the US drone on August 29, the younger brother Ager Ajimi said to the reporter: justice should be extended. They (US) promises to send them (participating in the attack) to court & hellip; & hellip; commitment to compensation & hellip; & hellip; commitment will take us (Afghan).

He is disappointed with the response of US officials yet.

The US Department of Defense spokesperson Cesar San Diego said that they are taking steps to respond to this air strike.