Zunyi Meeting Memorial Hall ? a "Hongxing"

In order to improve the political and cultural quality of the Red Army, in order to achieve the "Mission of the Red Army became the task of the iron army", "Hongxing" was founded in Ruijin, Jiangxi, December 1931. "Hongxing" is the China Workers ‘Red Army Military Commission, and is published by the China Workers’ Red Army General Political Department and has issued more than 160 periods.

Summary from Comrade Deng Xiaoping before January 1935, from January 1935, Comrade Deng Xiaoping. After the Zunyi Conference, he was responsible for it. In the early stage, the paper is printed with the edges of the front, 4 opens 4, and the issuance of 10,000 copies.

In the 3 years of Ruijin published, the pursuit of the newspaper, popular and vivid, graphic, and colorful. Its version of the program excludes editorial, news, special electricity, front-end newsletter, international current affairs, etc. And "Law" and other 17 fixed columns and literature and art deputy magazines. In the hard war age, the "Hongxing" is deeply welcomed by the Red Army’s fighters and the people. It is the mouthpiece of the Central Military Commission, and a good teacher of the Red Army warrior. In October 1934, the Editorial Department of Hongxing report followed the long string of the Red Army and continued to publish on the way.

Due to the difficult conditions, the 28 issues were published by lead printing, and the Chang Juan was publicized, and the only propaganda report was long, and the original newspapers and magazines were recorded.

The "Hongxing News" exhibited in the old site of the General Political Department of Zunyi Red Army is the third edition of the Long March in Zunyi, and the version is reported in detail in the losses of the enemy in Zunyi’s battle.

After the Zunyi Conference, the Central Red Army plans to meet the Yangtze River in the North River.

On January 29, 1935, I quickly smashed with the enemy and the enemy. After waiting for the North, the enemy retained the Yangtze River. At this time, the Central Military Commission decided to temporarily slow the battle plan of the Beiyu Yangtze River, and changed to the enemy’s strength. Yunnan Western assembly.

When the Red Army entered Yunnan, the enemy, Xue Yue Corps and the enemy of the enemy, and the east of the Longyun commanded, attempted to annihilate the Red Army.

To this end, the Central Red Army spreads all the eastward, Diuntu Chishui, returning to the north of China, Tongluo, Cleanshan, and fights the Zunyi City, and annihilated two teachers, eight groups, and captured 3,000.

Zunyi Campaign is the first bigger after the Red Army’s long strife, which is the result of the Zunyi Conference to change the wrong military leadership.

The newspaper uses "Zunyi battle victory, basically smash" Chiang Kai-shek’s "chase" plan! White Army shakes, we have a great grasp of victory! "The big title reported" Zhongzhu Battle, Wang Jiazhi Military Officer’s casualties ", listing the list of casualties and positions; entitled" The Talk of the Captive Forces, the "Current Quest", from "Powerful Bai Junlaff method; anti-Japanese soldiers were killed; Bai Jun gave it difficult to nourish; ten days to repair a fortress; do not believe in the deception of the official; send two months of ringing again; Wu Qiwei’s casualties "From eight aspects, the dissatisfaction of the Kuomintang soldiers and the insiders of the Kuomintang army. The publicity report made by the Hongxing News is greatly inspired the Red Army’s morale, and firmly firmly determined the confidence of the warrior. (Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao Gang) Share let more people see.