Zheng Ji high-speed rail Zhengzhou to Fuyang section new station project main structure has been completed

  September 1st, the group company resumed the bus 209 columns, of which the high-speed rail 179 columns (including 121 columns in the tube, direct access to 58 columns), 30 columns in the tube (including 4 columns in the pipe, 26 columns), direct train main hair To Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, etc., the trains are mainly sent to Shangqiu, Anyang, Luoyang, Zhoukou, Nanyang, Changzhi and other directions. With the successful opening of each place, the ticket sales window in the group company, the ticket sales window of the group company, new students can pass the school’s admission notice, graduates can pass the station window or 12306 website (including mobile phone app) with a written certificate and valid ID documents by school ) Handling a student ticket business, starting from the station of the station manual ticket passage. From July 26th, Zhengzhou, which was affected by the extreme rainstorm, ended to the China-European class to restore normalization.

The group company adheres to the quantity and quality, logistics and channel superposition, desert and return synchronization plan, as of the end of August, this year, this year, 805 columns, including 315 columns, 15,478 cars; arrive at 490 columns, 20004 cars, In the same period of last year, he grew up in the same period of time, all-weather, comprehensive cost low, green environmental protection, etc., became a ferrite of the Silk Road of Henan Silk Road. In order to accelerate the construction of Zheng Ji high-speed railway, the group company is tightening the progress of the construction unit project.

Zheng Ji high-speed railway Zhengzhou to Fuyang section is full of kilometers, has completed the laying of line orbit.

The line is set in Zhengzhou East, Pingyuan New District, Xinxiangdong, Wei-Hui Nan, Shuji County, Ninghuang, Fuyang East 7 stations, including the Pingyuan New District, Wei Hui Nan, Shujian County, Huang, Fuyang East New station room.

As of the end of August, Zheng Ji High Speed ??Railway Zhengzhou to Xiangyang Section has all completed, Fuyang East Station, Weihui South Station, and Pingyuan New District Structure Construction Scheduling have completed more than 95%, and the relevant project has steadily advanced.

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