Yulin City has promoted industrial enterprises to grow

In recent years, Yulin City has strengthened the operation of industrial economic operation, and fully utilized financial measures such as "Hui Enprint" to help enterprises to resolve financing problems, and newly revised companies in accordance with the incentive policy, strictly implement tax reduction and tax reduction policy. All-round promotion industrial enterprises grow.

The annual increase in industrial added value above the city has increased by 350, including 350 industrial enterprises, including 133 new in 2020, 592 industrial enterprises above 2020, and the total industrial economy is increasing. The city was rated as advanced city in Guangxi Industrial High Quality Development in 2018-2020, and received 100 million yuan in autonomous regions; in the first half of 2021, the advanced city of Guangxi Industrial Investment was rated (three in the whole zone).

Promote the high-end intelligent greening of traditional industries into the machining line of Yuchai stocks, which is reflected in the eye, and the new milky white processing machinery equipment, one industrial robot is flexibly rotating the robot arm, automatically carrying each Items job tasks. "More than 100 people in previous machine processing lines are artificial, hand-detected, recorded data, very low efficiency." Xie Jili graduated in 2007 to enter the Yutian shares manufacturing department to engage in machining work, he experienced machining From the traditional production line to the "black light factory" change, there are currently high-end equipment such as truss robots, heavy-duty robots, whole machine, and cold test gantry and other world high-end equipment to achieve high automated operations of critical processes.

This is the best agreement of the city’s construction and application demonstration projects in the city in recent years.

The intelligent level of our city is continuously improved, 3D printing project is first built, and 4 projects such as Yuchain New Energy Automobile New Energy Logistics Car Cake have received special fund support for autonomous regional informationization. In 2020, the city’s "two-way integration" development level index reached 560 "Shangyun" enterprises, and the enterprise "Cloud" is fully covered. At the same time as production capacity development, the city vigorously promoted energy conservation and consumption, and promoted industrial green development.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the annual consumption of 10,000 tons of standard coal in the whole market, annual average year-on-year decreased year; decreased year-on-year decline in the year-on-year industry, the city’s top ten industrial parks The centralized handling facility is basically built and is put into use.

Emerging industries lead the new development of Yulin City, the strategic emerging industry layout of Yulin City has made breakthroughs, Yuchai pure electric commercial vehicle project, Tsinghua Tongfang computer Yulin base first phase and other strategic emerging industries completed production, Zhengtai wisdom new energy Yulin Industry Base Project, Zhengwu High-end cable project, supermarket high-tech copper industry base project, new energy commercial vehicle power system R & D and industrialization project, Konchen-Yulin Pharmaceutical overall relocation project, Ping An Tang Chinese medicine extraction and Chinese medicine beverage production line construction project, Yulin City Chinese and Western Medicine Combination Orthopedics A group of strategic emerging industries such as hospital preparation center construction projects or started construction, initially forming a strategic emerging industrial layout of new materials, new energy, and biomedicine, and the city’s emerging industries accounted for 15%. Promote the industrial layout of the whole industry chain in the industrial layout of "strong faucet, complement chain, gathering group", the city’s "manufacturing industry is super, light industry revitalization, Chinese medicine improvement" industry revitalization three major actions, strive to work in high quality development In the new road, surround the "domestic combustion engine, new energy materials, low voltage electrical appliances, stainless steel deep processing, copper base processing", etc. , Healthy food, plate furniture, black and white home appliances, etc. Strive to achieve overall target tasks in the city’s total industrial output value of 3,000-500 billion yuan in three years.

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