The sector continues to active digital currency "six consecutive rises"

Recently, digital currency concept sections continued to be active.

On November 10, the same flush digital currency concept sector ushered in six consecutive rises, and the on the same day, the 46 constituents in the plate rose, accounting for more than 80%.

In terms of stock, the Xin’an century is rising, the new will rise, and the wisdom of Zhengyuan rises. On November 9, the People’s Bank of China issued a video speech at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Finnish Emerging Economics Research Institute, the use and promotion of central banks should follow the principles of marketization. He pointed out that at the end of 2019, the digital renminbi began pilot, currently including ten cities and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics scenes.

Some cities have also launched a digital RMB green travel, a low-carbon red envelope and other scenarios. In July this year, the People’s Bank issued a digital renminbi white paper. As of October 8, the digital RMB pilot scene has exceeded 3.5 million, and individual wolf billions were opened, and the transaction amount was about 56 billion yuan. Easy expressed, it will improve the design and use of digital renminbi according to the status of the pilot. Specifically, the first is to refer to the management of cash and bank account management, establish management model suitable for digital RMB; Second, continuing to improve settlement efficiency, privacy protection, anti-counterfeiting and other functions; third is to promote the interaction between digital RMB and existing electronic payment tools Realize the unity of security and convenience; four is to improve the construction of digital RMB ecosystems, improve digital RMB union and availability. Recently, digital RMB landing is frequently transmitted.

At the 4th China International Import Expo, Bank of China has launched a number of experience activities such as digital RMB chip wallet and foreign currency exchange in exchange for digital RMB; November 5th, Sichuan’s first, the first batch of digital renminbi on the country paying social security The medical insurance business scene is smoothly landed; according to the People’s Bank of China, September 15th to 16th, the Party Committee of the People’s Bank of China, the vice president Fan Yifei band team successively went to the Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou District and Beijing Division to investigate the Winter Olympics payment service environment construction And the number of digital RMB pilots.

Guasheng Securities believes that in the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, the digital RMB is also expected to be large. The land of digital renminbi also walked in the forefront.

Guasheng Securities pointed out that as of now, there are many countries or organizations such as the United States, the EU, indicating that digital currency is being studied. On November 3, during the Hong Kong Financial Science and Technology Week, the People’s Bank of China Hong Kong Innovation Center, the People’s Bank Digital Monetary Institute, the Hong Kong Financial Authority, the central bank and the Arab Emirates, the central bank issued multilateral central bank digital currency bridge project The use case manual, the manual shows the potential application scenarios of international trade settlement, cross-border e-commerce, supply chain finance, and outlines the future road map of the platform.

As the application scenario continues to broaden, the digital RMB ecological construction brings huge market space. Hua’an Securities expects that the upgrade of digital RMB software and hardware will bring 140 billion market space, including the bank’s core system to transform 5.1 billion, digital RMB hard wallet 33.9 billion, ATM upgrade 50.7 billion, smart counter cards upgrade 32.3 billion, merchant POS equipment Upgrade of 19.2 billion, the market space is broad.

In terms of investment opportunities, Anxin Securities pointed out that the issuance of central bank digital currencies will bring subversive changes to the existing financial market, including issuing bank IT suppliers, circulation link wallet service providers, payment service providers, management link safety New business opportunities such as encryption, KYC certification.

Dongwu Securities believes that the current investment opportunities are mainly concentrated in banking system transformation, downstream financial machine upgrade and digital currency encryption links.