When the 2020 college entrance examination was conducted, the president of the news communication college "patted" student

Introduction to College of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University: Tsinghua University Journalism and Communication Institute officially established on April 21, 2002. The predecessor of Tsinghua University News and Communication College is the editorial direction established in the Chinese Department and the communication established in October 1998.

Over the years, from the Chinese department’s editorial students to the communication system until the establishment of the Journalism and Communication College, with the increasingly enhanced journalism and communication, we will focus on international communication, film and television communication, new media communication, media management and management. Waiting for the main direction, Tsinghua University has gradually formed a team of cultivated news and communication teaching and research, enhances the influence of academic, industry, especially in international communication, media and technology, art combined and film and television theory and criticism. A certain advantage is achieved in the study. The mission of Tsinghua University News and Communication College is to play the comprehensive advantage of Tsinghua University, create first-class news and communication disciplines, cultivate excellent news and communication talents, explore advanced news and communication concepts, and strive to promote news with Chinese characteristics and international standards. The development of communication education and research, training for the country, has a strong socialist direction, with strong sense of social responsibility and mission, high-raised professionalism and noble professional ethics of high-quality news and communication talents, and build colleges into teaching, The first-class news and communication colleges in scientific research, training and consulting, contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in order to build and develop China’s socialist news and communication.

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