as expected,Soon there was a knock on the door。Xia Jian paused,First turn over half of the information on the table,Then shouted:“Please come in!”

“Mr. Xia!Our company leaves work at half past six,How did you arrange?Is there anything I can help?“Said politely last month。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Go tell Mr. Tie,My work here will be finished around ten o’clock in the evening,She promised me to work overtime with me,You can’t break your promise,Otherwise, people will laugh at her“
“You mean Mr. Tie promised you that she would work overtime with you at night?I heard it right!“Guan Yue asked with surprise。
Xia Jian saw Guan Yue’s feet from the head with both eyes,He thinks this woman looks good,Just look down on people。He laughed and said:“You heard me right,Or you stay。After my work is finished,Let’s supper together,I might also send you back“
A look at Xia Jian’s unbridled eyes,Guan Yue hurriedly lowered his head and smiled:“no need,I will tell Mr. Tie“
“You mean he can finish all the work at ten o’clock?”Tie Li was also surprised。Inside Tieli’s office,Guanyue stood,Tie Li sitting,But she stood up soon。
Guan Yue smiled and said:“Anyway, he said that,No one knows if it can be done”
“Guan Yue,Don’t tell anyone about this,How about this!You stay tonight too”Tie Li whispered。She thought of Xia Jian’s provocative eyes,I feel a little timid。
Guan Yue doesn’t understand,What’s wrong with Tie Li,For someone who just came to apply,What she did today is a bit abnormal。The big deal is to stop him from coming to work,But why do you have to make time to work overtime with him?。
“Ok!”Guan Yue’s answer was a bit reluctant,After all, she still agreed。
After half past six,The whole building is empty again,Only the planning department is still lit。Guan Yue’s office is outside Xia Jian’s office,There are more than a dozen tables in total,Guanyue’s desk is closest to Xia Jian’s office door,Because she’s the assistant general manager。
Everyone off work,Guan Yue has no intention of doing things,She couldn’t help but remember Xia Jianyi’s recruitment today,A few strange things that happened。The monthly salary of the vice president of the planning department is more than 10,000 yuan,But Xia Jian who came to the interview was wearing a foreign brand。And he is fluent in English,The interview paper almost got full marks,What the hell is he?
And Tie Li,This proud woman,But it has never been like today。Even though Xia Jian ridiculed her in every way,But she is not angry,Instead, he wanted to stay with him to work overtime,Isn’t this woman making a fuss?She won’t be fancy Xia Jian?
Guan Yue thought of this,So a little excited。Although this Xia Jian is not really handsome,,But it still makes sense with a handsome character,Especially when he is very talented,Just this guy is too bad。Seeing people’s eyes almost want to strip off all the clothes they wear。