Yang Yunfeng,Gratitude、stunned、ashamed……

Especially when I see the flashing of Liu Ru’s eyes.,Suddenly handless,Embarrassed。
Just at this time,Liu Ru smoke hand wrist,A bad chapter in the palm。
This badge is above,Also have three flames。
But the color is blue!
“Three products……Three products high-level……”
Yang Yunfeng is awkward,Tight the cheeks hot。
He didn’t think of it.,This beautiful unlike woman in front of you,It is also a three-piece refinerie.。
And it is more than two small levels than yourself.。
Think http://www.wei0511.cn of on the mission,He continues to find and demonstrate,Pudi smiling……Suddenly。
Yang Yunfeng dry cough,There is more exciting face on your face.,“Yang has an eye,I didn’t expect Liu, the lady is in the same way.,If you have a chance,Must give Liu girl to learn from……Uh!”
Not finished,He is like a duck neck of being caught.,The sound is abundant。
Eyes are highlighted。
Liu Wei also took out a bad chapter from the storage ring.。
Above is four green flames!
“Bamboo……Four,Four products refining master,And is the middle……Yang family,you,you……”
Yang Yunfeng’s eyes are rifling,A horror of a face。
Four products refining master,Means at least 500,000 variations。
Means a few near the top of the pyramid of the refiner。
He can’t help but think that he has been,I can’t http://www.anguofangchan.cn hate a slit in my head.。
No wonder, talk about the special refiner experience yourself.,The two of this ancestor is quite light.,Nothing。
I am in front of the other side,What did you have?。
Yang Yunfeng is like a laughter,Shy,Friendly respecting a gift。
“The disciple has seen Liu Master,Before speech,Also hope that the master should not be seen。”
Tiancheng is different from,The status of the refineries is respectful,The internal level is also very strict。
He is a three-character refinerie,Seeing the other party must have a discipline。
“I don’t know if I don’t know.。”
Willow,I don’t care.,“We are also coming from the city,Kimmoy is not aware of。”
“It turned out to be the master of the city……”
Yang Yunfeng did not dare to neglect,Take a given,Just not finishing,What did you think of,The face http://www.120asd.cn becomes turned again。
“Master Liu Yu……you,You will not be the president of the city.?”
Liu Wei smiled,“It is old。”
Next to the willow like a smoke also reveals the color of the embarrassment。
Yang Yunfeng stayed again。
Summer next to it is hunting。