The law of this episode looks clearly that there is no previous era.BUG,But perhaps only she hides her ability.。

Cheng Lixue,Anna,William also has Luolun, and the laws of constraints are always fighting.,Above the other party’s mysterious field with cutting strength。
She just controls the power in their own.,There is no more waste to make bigger fields。
“FireSLevel of warriors,I started listening to me now.!”
Rocky sword pointing to the subject of constraint,“Full member,Conduct no differential attack!”
This is the way to think about Luolun’s Eve.。
The particularity of the constraint is the most special in all the laws.,She is more like a legal who stands in human beings.。
When human civilization reaches a certain height,Thoroughly understand that the use of collapse can fight against the collapse。
There is a very extreme in the middle of it.,Very special legal,That is the law of constraints。
This law can make the collapse can be invalidated to weaken other types of energy。
In fact, her strength is not strong.,As long as I fight with her, I know the mesice capabilities of this law.ALevel is over。
If you leave a special weight, you don’t say anything.,Her harm caused by human beings is not as bad as an emperor。
When all the high-war staff of the fire is ready to go,The law of constraints has also begun to enlarge its own field。
“I will be invincible in this field!”The law of constraints is extremely arrogant:“Since you are so official to me,Then I have to worry about it.,Extend the field to two kilometers?”
Say,The field of constraints starts to expand,Surrounded by the fire warriors who are preparing to attack by Luolun Xi restroom。
There are also many ordinary soldiers outside the base.,The field of constraints expands extremely fast,Only those masters can hide。
moment,Have hundreds of ordinary soldiers immediately died in the ground。
Soldiers who have no first time,Struggle the law of attacking the gun attack。
Those energy bullets have begun to weaken after a certain scope of the constraint.,The other arm gently wave will break up these bullets。
Masters begin to remotely attacked the legal,Anna and Chen Tianwu have also begun to break out their own power.。
Whether it is ice,Or rock gravity,Can not be efficiently close to the rhythm of the constraint。
Counterparty,Constraints are more like a law enforcement team of their own,Is the most loyal dog。
The power of the law has the possibility of being taken away,The will of the law also has an example of the body of the body,But these examples will never happen on the subject of the constraint.。
Because of the constraint,Is the embossing of the collapse。
Cracking will not be the law,Not the end of the end,But the mechanism of this world screening。
Such a law can only be defeated tough strength,Like the last era,Kilin kills in an instant to break through its own limits。
Masters’ attacks let the land near the fire base began to shake,Even the cities in the distance have also been implicated,Some buildings are shocked by the remaining wave of energy。
How can everyone attack?,There are very few attacks that can play on the binding.,The most like gave two mouth sons,No more。
“That’s it?”
Constraints continue to ridicule:“My strength has not fully played it yet.。”
“You don’t know,Want full control of their own strength it is also a hard thing,Need constantly find people practicing,Other thing,Can I can’t help but control the field?。”
The arranging arms of the restraint of the rest of the fire have a deep cockroaches.,Blood 汩汩 out。
This hit,William。