The moon shouted with Luo Qianjin Qi Qi,Look anxious,Full of embarrassment and uneasiness。

“no need to worry。”
Seeing them all,Summer is secretly tone,I barely squeeze a smile。
Then I’m brushed through the ear.,Beyond,Stay in more than one second,In the end, I finally looked at Lingtian.。
“Ling Tianxia,The door owner of Changshengmen,Your current action,It’s too embarrassed.。”
Ling Tianxia is cold and cold,Cold channel,“Do you have the first day?,This is the essence of the world,Weak meat food,Don’t tell me what corruption rules,Ha ha,I was originally the rule of the rule.,I am threatening your friends and relatives.,Forced you,What can I,Who can anyone in this world??”
Summer stares at him,“If all you act like you,Then the whole world will become chaotic,Couldn’t play others,Or want to achieve the purpose,I can threaten my family friends.?
Who doesn’t have a family relative in this world??
Are you not??”
Ling Tianxiao,Just talk,Summer speed,“You think that you have done,I don’t know if you still have a blood in the world.,You do the first day,I am doing fifteen,Since you have said so,You kill them today,I will kill your pulse tomorrow.,Scream!”
“you,you……”I heard this,Ling Tianxia is no longer a proud and high。
Look large,Under the heart。
Summer face,Bite,“how?
When you are your own,Are you felt angry??”
Lingtian is falling into silence,In the eyes, the haze is like a dark cloud.。
The ear of the side,The heart has set off a huge waves.。
Ling Tianxia left a blood in the world……He still has future generations!He didn’t think of it.,There is still such a secret!more important,How do you know in the summer??
Just thinking about him,Ling Tianxia opened,“A summer,Really let me look at you.……This is the shadow king tells you.。”
Summer silence。
Because it is true。
Today, the image of the king leaves.,One, one, secretly said two words。
If you are clear, it is said that everyone is said.,Let him be careful in the world。
Secret sentence,It is a voice,Inform the summer a message。
He said that Ling Tianxia is exploded for many years.,The blood should be left in the world,If the world dares to destroy the rules,Let the summer take this news to scam him。
But these are just the speculation of the Ying Wang,There is no substantive evidence。
“I have left a blood.,In the beginning,It’s just that I will miss my mind.。”
Ling Tianxiao directly in the summer,“these years,They don’t know my existence,I have not planned to meet them in this life.,Although the branches,But they are still ordinary people,No one is martial arts,Be unfortunate。”
Merely,His voice becomes cold,“If you want to kill,That will kill it.,I don’t care,Ha ha,I am not like you.,Know yourself there is so much weak point,Still stupid to bind others。”
Summer heart is sinking to the bottom of the valley。
I didn’t expect that Ling Tianxia was so cold.。
“Now give me the four gods,otherwise,I killed them.,Kill you again。