“Summoned”The voice of the Tiangu Tianhaha laughed,Then after disappearing。

“How can this courage?。”Magic Night Song and Charming,Then I saw Lin Feng at a glance.,Take someone http://www.gyhuijing.cn directly。
Sputum,Cold,Women and other women have smiled,Then I bid I don’t have to leave to Lin Feng.。
“What is wrong?,One person!”Lin Feng looked at Yuan Tianxi, etc.:“remember!”
“rest assured,When you play a group, you must call you.。”Yuan Tianxi smiled,Nor welcome to put these jade,Then took someone to leave.。
Lin Feng finally loose a breath,He turned to tear space,There is a region where there is millions in the blush sea.,The two black figure appeared in front of Lin Feng。
It is killing and killing。
“Owner,Her news is also there。”Killing suddenly looking at Lin Feng Road。
“Who?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“she,Her name is Wang Ting。”Killing suddenly explains。
“Where?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Owner,She is reincarnation for Ashura,Become a woman in Ashura。”Kill explanation:“Just she http://www.jzdjzx.cn has now……”
“What else?Say!”
Lin Feng, he heard the silence,His hearts have a bad premonition。
“Owner,She has been married to others.。”黒 黒 闻 叹:“Owner,Please don’t be sad.。”
“Kill,Do you know you??”Lin Feng looked at the killing frown。
“Master’s atonement,I……”
黒 黒 闻 闻 跪 虚 虚 虚,Originally, I don’t want to tell Lin Feng.,This will not be。
However, the killing and the killing saw that Lin Feng today has directly wiped the magic bat family.,Let them see Lin Feng’s true temperament,Wang Ting is afraid that the owner will also trace it.。
So the two people discuss the index to tell Lin Fengzhen,Let Lin Feng decide。
“Owner,I grab it directly.!”The world is also flustered in the void:“Atone!”
Lin Feng heard his hands,Watching the void and quiet,His eyes have some scattered,And then turn around:“never mind,Ashura?Take me to see。”
The killing and killing two people heard a respectful road,The last three people disappeared http://www.okyixin.cn in the void。
Ashura is a big big country,The status in the mate is not under the status of the goddess.。
It is one of the 13th majors of the death.,Beibei Continent,Moreover, Ashura controls the coastline of the blood sea square.,Blood sea island Lin Li,Among them, there is an island named Mingdao。
Many Ashi Luo lived on the island。
There is also a level in Ashura.,A ruins of the island,A family is like a farmhouse,A beautiful woman is teaching a child writing,Beautiful woman with love。
“mother,What is this word??”Child is confused。
“This is Chinese characters!”Beautiful woman looking at children’s soft road:“Mother’s text。”