“Ah!You are right。After you transferred to Donglin Township,Tong Jie started to make a fuss。Take care of your original project。I found out and told her about it,She seems to be honest for a while。But I heard about it when I was transferred,She might be transferred to work in the city”When Qin Xiaomin said this,,A little helplessly shook his head。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Why?Is it because of Pingyang Town’s achievements??”
“Yes indeed!If you could have a good relationship with the above,People who are going up are human,Not her Tong Jie”Qin Xiaomin said,Suddenly his eyes drifted out of the car window。
Turns out inadvertently,The car has arrived in Zhangyang Village。Looking at which piece of white flowers in the greenhouse。Xia Jian really had mixed feelings in his heart。
Zhang Yangcun,Was robbed of all life by a heavy rain。Zhangyang Village, with a population of hundreds of households, fell into a panic。At that time, Xia Jian was still out against the crowd,Helped Ma Chuntao on the horse。Later, he built this flower planting base in Xia。
Zhang Yang Village only came from a backward village,Ranked among the advanced villages second only to Xiping Village。But till today,Who can think of him Xia Jian??
As the saying goes,It seems that this sentence is really true。Qin Xiaomin, who was sitting next to him, saw Xia Jian’s unhappiness。She smiled and said:“You still want to be famous?Come on!Run away at every turn,So don’t think about it”
“Damn!You are really amazing,You know what I think。It http://www.geilishow.cn seems that I can’t think about it in the future”Xia Jian said and smiled,Kick down,The car drove into Xiping Village。
Because it just snowed,The snow-melting weather is still very cold。So when Xia Jian drove into the village,I didn’t meet anyone on the road。
More than five o’clock,Xia Jian estimated that there should still be people working in the village committee,So he drove the car directly into the compound of the village committee。
The car rolled on the ice water and made a slippery sound,Someone leaned out on the third floor and shouted:“It seems that Xia Jian is back!”
The voice is a bit familiar,Xia Jian is the voice of Chen Erniu。He pushed the car door and jumped down and shouted:“Erniu,Hurry up and move things”In fact, there is a little gift for three people in the trunk,He can pick it up by himself。
Chen Erniu saw http://www.chebiandang.cn that Xia Jian was really back,He quickly ran down from the third floor。When I ran to Xia Jian,Directly gave Xia Jian two punches on the arm。Xia Jian didn’t hide。
“What kind of person!There will be no news,Even the phone turned off,It’s really chilling!We are still not good brothers?Who can you do right?Ma Yan is almost stunned for you”When Chen Erniu was scolding happily,Suddenly found that Qin Xiaomin got off the car。
He scratched his scalp with a little embarrassment and smiled:“Qin…Miss Qin is here too”To know,Qin Xiaomin turned out to be a household name in Pingdu,Now Chen Erniu doesn’t know where she was transferred,So he doesn’t know how to call it anymore。
“Hi!Don’t be embarrassed。That’s all in the past,You can call me Qin Xiaomin now,It still looks kinder”Qin Xiaomin’s smile,She seemed very calm when she said this。