Night is not chaos,Many strong people,What is the reward?。

New world“Four emperors”,Who cares about their revenue?,Even if you know,Who can I win their head??
“Dental piph,Want to grab Pluto,First defeat me again!”
Klock Darl with only the left right arm,Drop the night,The original arm suddenly became a sand blade,Will be obstacles such as rocks along the way,Unified knife two paragraphs。
But this power is powerful,And high sharp degree desert bars,But was escaped by the night.。
Even there is no master“See you”Lu Fei,Can esteroid,Don’t mention the night.。
Reason,Crokdal’s fruit capability,Still quite strong,Not as far as,This way“Desert”,Its sharpness can even crack armed colors。
But the problem is in Klock Darr,there are many“Natural system”Demoniology,Too much dependence on fruit,And lack exercise to the body。
Night is easy to avoid,Klock Darr’s desert,A transient has come to Klock Dar。
This time Crowdal,Even if it is a little“See you”Cultivation,Can also hide the attack of the night。
But unfortunately,He didn’t think about learning domineering at all.,Confident to your own fruit capabilities。
So waiting for him,It is covered by armed colors,Directly from behind the village。
“Let’s tell you one more,I am not coming to Pluto.,There is no interest in the gout。
Then finally give you an advice,Vandelo uses Pluto this outer object,Go to those monsses at sea,Hevan’s throne,I have lost from the beginning.。”
Night 哉 out the village,Klock Darl is also directly in place,Krod Darr has not yet dead,But his task,Has been shown to be completed。
“I didn’t expect that I actually lost in this guy.,what is your purpose?
If it is not the words of Pluto,Is there other secrets in Alabastton?”
Klock Dar is in the bloody,I am not willing to look at the night.。
“If I said,I am coming as a hero,Do you believe?”
Night 哉 齿 smile,At first he is indeed because of the task reward,But after seeing people who see this country,Night is because I really want to do something for this country.。
Maybe I can do more.,But at least he wants those poor children,Don’t worry from war。
“ridiculous,I have always thought that I have no legacy.,I didn’t expect that you are the real conspiracy home.。
Beat the pirates to see this country,Direct“hero”identity of,Get trust in the royal family,In turn, is it possible to plan this country??”
“I didn’t expect that I did so much.,Do you finally have a wedding dress for you??”
Night face,He also didn’t know the brain circuit of Klock Darr.,How magic,How did you solve his words into this meaning?。
Is it in the eyes of this kind of person who likes to play,Is it so complicated??
In fact, this can’t be geek Christore,Ace,He knows that it is a pirate,What kind of person is it?。
In this large sea,There are countless pirates,They are not for the name。
think“Straw hat pirate”Pirate,In the pirate group,It is simply different from differently,Don’t steal, don’t grab,And often falling。
Night is also a pirate,Klock Dar does not believe that the night is so good,Free help of Alabastton this country。
So he directly put himself,Give the position of the night,Suddenly I found the name of the night,Really quite high。
First get it in the people,The trust of the princess of Wiwei, the best name,Then solve your own enemy of this kingdom.。
After that, expose the dancing powder to the national,There is also a sullen bulus that uses sandstorms to make Alabasan often rain.,That is,In turn“hero”identity of,Make people accept。
Since then,Night will receive the royal family and the national recognition of Alabastan,Control Alabastein almost no effort。
And all this,Also, it is reached with yourself。