Jiyu nodded,Concentrate,“Starshine,Assassin!Safe back to the emperor city!”

Star Yao solemnly nodded,“Master peace of mind,Xingyao will definitely!”
Three people are negotiated,Only left。
The second day, the morning,Ji Yan retired Dressed up,I don’t pay attention to everyone.,I only left the military camp one person.,Horses,Go to the Imperial City。
At this time,Plague,Take more vietnam,More folks have more‘The number of Ji’s world has been exhausted,Tianzhi god penalty’Rumor。
Xue Tai heard this,I am very embarrassed in my heart.!
The number of Ji’s world has been exhausted,Next,Can it be the world of Xue’s home??!!
Unfortunately,Xue family and others have not come yet.,Another rumor,Be open。
Go out,Both is concealed,The reason why Ji is thinking now.,Political instability,Number of gas is unstable。All because‘Demon’Sorrowful country!
Such rumor,Have one,Two,Gradually more and more people say this。
Zi Lingshi is poisoned,Ji Yu is killed,The plague is built in Nandu,They have been reinprint。
through‘professional’This analysis,I really tried these things in series.,Said that there is a nose,It’s hard to believe in people.。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS279chapter Herner‘stupid’37
Xue Tai’s head smoke。I am trying some articles,Ji Yu, who is slow to catch up,Finally returned to the palace!
Poison coma is not awake the emperor,Hi appreciative,Finally wake up,One time,Spread over the entire year。
Because of various rumors,And the leader of the people,It seems to see the dawn of hope。
Danching Temple,That sueds,Change the identity with Ji Yu,Soon disappeared,When you do your own due diligence。
He Tai doctor heard that Ji Yu woke up,I have already rushed to the Dry Temple first.,Check the body for Ji,Confirmed innocent。
soon,The news passed to the corners of the palace,Xue Taihou,Xue Xin,The wind is waiting for the respective maid, one of the sorrows.。
See the bed along the end of Jiyu,Stretch your hand is giving you the doctor,Different love。
“Emperor!You finally woke up!”
“He too doctor,How is the emperor’s situation??!”Xue Tai’s latter is very concerned about Ji Yu。
Xue Xin seems very nervous,Even if she enters the palace,Even selected http://www.bssea.cn as the queen,Are Xue Jiayi handheld,But in Xue Xin,The emperor is his husband,She a young little girl,It’s still a feeling of。
Even rumors outside,It is said that the emperor is poisoned by Xue Tai’s hand.,Xue Xin also ran to Kunyi Palace,I am still in front of Xue Tai.,I want to know the truth of the matter。
Last result,Of course, I am caught in the three words of Xue Tai.。
From entering the palace,I have always been a wind that Ji is my own goal.,This time is calm。
Far away from people,Even the previous step is not going to fight。
a long time,He Tai doctor collects hands,Touch your beard,Point,The expression looks very relaxed。
“Your Majesty,Your body has been restored,No danger!”
After Xue Tai heard the heart,Pulling a breath on the face,road:“That’s good,That’s good!”
“Emperor,You just woke http://www.qhoutdoor.cn up,Good cultivation!”
“This time,Thanks to Qin Guiyu in the Tong Ming Palace, not minutes from day and night.,Now wake up,You have to accompany you to your hi.!”
It is best to be fascinated by this Qi Yunqin.,Ignore political affairs!
Xue Xin listened,The dissatisfaction is secretly pulling the sleeves of Xue Queen.,I really don’t understand,After Xue Tai, why did she go back to this Qingui in front of the emperor?!
at this time,Shouldn’t help her??!!
As long as she takes the opportunity to live dragon,The status of their Xue’s home can not be shaken.?!