Mock up《City order-Get a dream》Rear。

The whimono has produced a smog that swept the temple.。
Two men and women in the temple still don’t know the danger to come to them.,Sitting around the fire and talking。
Triple, especially the woman is extra eye,Thirty years old,Dressing,Extraway。
The knife in the waist does not show its fierce nature。
“I don’t have to leave after I look at it.,Now except for the Tibetan gold map in our hands,Others will have?Looking back in the third brother,We can fill some。”
“Big brother, I also feel that it is fine.。”
“Do not,Do not。I always feel that my heart is not good.。”
Woman grabbing a timber,On the side of the fire in the fire:
“Big brother。You don’t have much。Gao Taichen is not already promised us,Just find the gold map,Let the court withdraw our wanted order,Now gold we can get。”
“Cooperating with that person is titture with Tigers。”
“This is our only living road.,And we have no other choice。”
The woman continued to say: “Twenty years ago, Cao Chong they did something happened.?So many people only have him a person.,And he would rather die, not willing to say。”
“Probably because of gold,Talent,Finally, there is only Cao Cheng to escape.。”
Women are not in,They are all between the golden people because of the gold,Nothing is strange。
She is now bored to continue to pull the fire。
“Second sister。Don’t get fire again.,Smoke is everywhere。”
“Burning so prosperous,Where is the smoke??”
Where is the smoke??
Of course, Lin live。
To make people get a dream, there must be smoke assistance。
Big stood up,call:
“not good。Be a mini。”
While holding the mouth,,Lin louces the temple door,They are seeing a stranger.,Even the exchange of eyes,Take out the weapon attack immediately。
Three cooperation and hands-on,I know that I have been special training.。
The knife in each hand is not ignorant to his neck,heart,Small belly。
At the moment they responded, they have been pulled in the dream of the real world.;Their weapon is going to hit the forest,Immediately《Ruyi》And fast speed。
Three people have lost their death attacks,Subso’s retreat to a safe distance。
Staring at him seriously。
Women’s alert:
“who are you?Why is it here??”
“Your words are wrong.,Is you why you are in my site。”
Lin longs, exhibition sleeves,Take a long sword from the sleeve。
Icy sword emits cold light,Let them don’t help but fight,Rear back。
“We have no intention of disturbing,Now willing to leave immediately。”
The boss has already realized that the young people in front of them are not very strong.,Even if he can feel his legs,Can imagine,The people in front give him a strong fear。