only,Their throat simultaneously splashed a bloodline,Instantly form a piece of blimming。

Short a few seconds,A close up of the body。
the other side,Dang Yanzhi chincolded Mu Dong wrist,The other three bodyguards around him also moved.,At the same time。
Yan Yuan’s full face with the quiet face,Body shape rotation,Another hand, I don’t know when I have a slender soft sword.。
Her posture is beautiful to the extreme,It’s just like a fairy,Continuous rotation,Like beautiful fairy dances in dancing。
Just in this beautiful,Sword light is like a star。
“Puff puff。”
Just instant,Three rushing bodyguards abundant on the way,Not confident。
Three blood lines spilled from their throat。
I don’t know if it is coincidence.,Three bodyguards and the rest of the armed members have fallen on the cold ground.。
All this happens too fast。
Dazzling the horizon is only in less than ten seconds.,Instantly quiet。
Just the form of the field has been completely reversed。
In addition to Mu Dong,All armed members are all inversely。
NS1254chapter Davaha Village
Whole ,The fastest update person!
NS1254chapter Davaha Village
time,Solidified this moment。
Looking at the body on the ground,Looking at the blood of blood,Sniffing the bloody smell of pungent……
Going to see the Langyuan in the past,And the summer standing distance……
Everyone is 懵。
Their thinking consciousness is still blank,What happened to the reaction。
Until a sharp and scream,The people were all awake in an instant。
Summer slowly。
The screaming woman immediately grabbed his mouth with your hand.,And the rest of the person,Also a kind of cold,It’s like a look of the devil, I look at the summer and Yan Yuan.。
Jiang Yao is no exception。
Although she is the company president,It is also the big family,There is even a sister Jiang Luo Shen in Tianshi.,But she doesn’t know the real work of Jiang Luo Shen.,He has seen such a bloody scene。
When I saw Summer Xu step,Surrounded by a more quiet。
They looked at the summer and Yan Yuan,hard to believe,They are harmless,A like a fairy,Just, I just kill the devil of so many people.。
Be too untrue。
If it is not visible,No one believes in the scene of dazzling electric flash.。
The thrill that has just been pulled out seems to flash in front of him.,Just now, Yan Yuan’s dance is like playback.。