Kindness,Xia Jian is not good at resigning。Dragon Ball saw that Xia Jian did not object,So I stepped into the kitchen,To help her mother cook。

Uncle Long glanced at Xia Jian,He took a breath and said:“child!Uncle Long’s life in this world is running out,But I hope you children can get along well together。Especially my woman,By nature a boy character,You have to help her more”
“Uncle Long!Don’t you say that。The current medical level is very advanced,Let Dragon Ball take you to more places,Always optimistic。If you need help,Let Dragon Ball speak”
Xia Jian can only comfort the old man like this。Because he really can’t think of a better word。
Dragon Ball smiled and said:“With you,Dragon Ball doesn’t pretend to know you。I still think of it as the old monitor(Xiao Xiao’s dad)Foresight,It’s a pity that Xiao Xiao doesn’t know how to cherish,That only means she is not lucky to be with you。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This is also fate。But I am doing well now,Although my wife is from the same village,,But she is also a college student,Our village is under her leadership,The development speed in the past two years has been extremely fast”
“I heard Dragon Ball say,You are very happy,Actually this is not bad”
When Uncle Long said this,,Look tired。Xia Jian saw it,He helped Uncle Long back to the bedroom,After Uncle Long sleeps well,He just walked out。
The dragon ball that came out of the kitchen took a breath,She lowered her voice and said:“Dad’s health is worse than every day,He only needs to talk for a while,I feel very tired”
“Have you ever thought,Take himBJorSHLook at some of the big hospitals?”
“Thought of,But he doesn’t want to go,He said his body knew it。He was afraid he would go out,Can’t come back”
Dragon Ball Speaking Of This,Already choked and speechless。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“From the current situation,Uncle Long’s body is really broken。How about this!While he is eating,I give him a pulse,Prescribe a few tonics,Make him feel better every day”
“Oh!Why did i forget you,You are also a hidden folk master,Why don’t you give my dad a try,Wouldn’t it be better if it worked”
Dragon Ball said expectantly。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It’s not that I don’t show it to Uncle Long,But the two patients I have seen,Have left this world,Do you think I have any face to dare to see a doctor。Of course,Some hard injuries,Such as waist and shoulder pain,I got a needle”
Dragon Ball is a smart girl,She saw what Xia Jian said,She didn’t force Xia Jian。