Shenxuan nodded and agreed。

Other people’s opinions can no matter,But Wang Ting and Ye Nan Tian have a life-saving.,Cannot be reasonable。
“Small yellow!”
Shen Xuan looks to the small yellow next to it,Shouted,Squat,Whispered:“Your old man,Come and shout?”
This also?
The people around listening this,It’s all inexplicable.,Xiao Huang is so small,Can you understand the words of Xuan Ge??
Xiao Huang seems to be particularly excited,I ran out one sluggish,Place to the hillside,Behind the weed,Loudly called。
The sound is more and more,The wolves around it look at it very calm,It seems like it is just like it.。
“This is dry.?”
“Let Xiaohuang go to use it?,People can be a wolf king!”
“Wolf king,That is also the father of Xiaohuang,Certainly no matter what。”
People in live broadcasts have discuss,Guess it。
Not long,A gods of the waters came out from the grass.!
A walk,Wolf’s hair is shaking。
It is a wolf king!
Xiao Huang saw his old man came.,Rapida,Working on the wolf king,However,But it was pushed by ruthless。
The small yellow is still stunned.,Rapida also rushed,I want to be with my father.,But still being opened。
The wolf karse left a stern eye!
“Small yellow!”
Shen Xuan looked at this scene,Rapida shouted,The Little Huang committee appying a wolf king,Sorry directly to Shen Xuan,Sit down next to him。
“What does this wolf king mean??”
“Even your children have pushed away,He is a problem.!”
“What do you know,Wolf King also needs to maintain its own image,He is the king of the wolves,What is like in front of so many people?!”
“Say something wrong,Wolf group is strict,Wolf king has a high position,Can you play with your own son?。”
People in live broadcast don’t understand,After some understanding people,All understand。
Wolf king is the wolf king,In this group of wolves,Family is always relatively weak。
Shen Xuan took this effort,Have already left past。
“Help out,Those people are my friend,Put them?”
Shen Xuan walked over,Directly with the wolf king。
He now has a minced imprint,presumably,This wolf king has to listen to his own words.。
Wolf king shook his head,Chong Shen Xuan shouted。
“what does it mean?”
Ye Nan Tian and others behind him are anxious.,Hurry and ask Xuan Ge。