And Shi Sheng also needs an opportunity to make yourself breakthrough。

He originally judged,Summer is the same as yourself,It’s all over the big,So I have been delayed.。
He is hurting,waiting,I want to have a life and death with the other party.,Break through this。
But at this moment, I have to solve the water.,All the pre-accumulation is also released between him。
And this sword returns,It is one of his three serious tricks.。
Human sword!
A sword,The air is surrounded by doctors.,Only sword light is no one,With sharp voice,Wrapped everything that destroyed all blocks,I am invincible!
Summer look becomes slightly lighter,Subsequently split nine knives。
Every knife has burst out a cold,It’s like a trowel,Throughout the four weeks of void,It is completely thoroughly drowning nearby.。
Three people battle into a group。
One in the residue,Can’t see a mating of the martyrdom,The sound of 铿铿 is accompanied by a martyrower。
Many ancient martial artists are present outside,All have changed color。This extentful battle,It is no longer able to intervene.。
NS864chapter Person
In the woods,The earth has already trembled。
Dust,Gravel shot,Dried leaves。
The nearby regions are full of powerless waves.,Golden iron hits the sound of 铿铿,A punch fire star is like a fire。
Within the field。
Three people’s shadows,It’s like lightning is generally moving.,In Canada Sword,Leave a debris。
Their speed is unable to use the naked eye to capture。
I only listen to the ear,They are flying in a fast,Constantly collision。
Bai Mountain Water and Shi Sheng,War of taking a war。
Various exquisite knives and swords,Every moment will be played more than a dozen times,Sword collision,Sword gathering,Vertigo。
During their mobile,Continuous grass,Even trees broken,Remnant, the leaves。
Sword is in it。
Three people are involved in perseverance,Murderous,Since the speed is too fast,They move the trajectory,Like a lightning, the ground is mad。
Off-site,Middle people,The eyebrow is full of shocking,Bold, watching the three-way figure of flying fast。
Their eyes,Be a sudden,Be fearful,Is extremely strong and unbelievable。
Previous lucky,At this moment, all。
Only the strength of God,Clear than anyone,What is the power of these three people?,It is not what they can match.。
People don’t work!
the other side,Already being smashed outside the fat man,The same is looking at。