Just like the original situation and Qiao Feng,Qiao Feng does not have Duan Yu,However, on the foot,In the early days, the two men were in the past.……

Qiao Feng martial arts is very high,And very comprehensive,However, it is not a long power.,Duan Yu is in the case of mediation,Lingbo micro-step teaching skills,But you can’t get fast,It can be seen that it is used to drive away the road.,Can only be considered“Nice light work”,Not like as a body method,Full of beautiful!
This is the same.,Chu Deirers see the light power of this Xuan Yi’s thin bamboo pole,I know that on the foot,I am afraid that I am not the opponent.。
And also guess this person’s identity——I want to come to the end of the clouds of the past.!
“Wang Hao is careful!”Zhu Danchen is in a hurry,Also, I don’t want to take the knife and white phoenix.,No people call her Wang Hao,Obviously, I also guess the identity of this person.。
After all, this is a famous lagoon in the rivers and lakes.!
Zhu Danchen as Duan’s family,At this point, no matter how you can’t let Wang Hao humiliated。
After the Chu Deirers are slightly sinking,Therefore, it is easy to open the test.:“He Fang Middle,Dare to put this mad……You call‘Yun old four’?I don’t know my old Yue Yue,What do you call??”
Although there is an exclusive suspect,But Yunzhong Crane,But looks for a few points——I saw that Yue Lao San seems to have a loss in his hand.,Not only tied, not only tied, not only,Still all over the day,During the mouth, mutter“I would rather worship,Not improper turtle son bastard”Cloudy cloud。
Yue Lao San’s light effort is far less than Yun old four,However, people are tall than him.,Although there is high truth!
But the cloud is still the judgment of my own,The kid in front of him is so young,Where is the martial arts??80% is that Yue Lao is too stupid,Come in the rape,Still special yourself:“You just count the guy of Yue Lao San?Humph,Yue Lao San That Stupidness will be,This uncle will not!”
Chu Deiren saw him,But there is a loose tone——It seems that the boss、Ye Mi Niang is not,80% is the crane in this cloud,This is only around“Play wild”,I have encountered myself。
Even if you leave,Chu Deirers also have a big headache,If Duan Yanqing is also,Chu Deirers can only think about what is wisdom——For example, selling a paragraph,See that he can not be the protagonist.,For example, sell a paragraph,Let Duan Yanqing recognize him。
However, only the words of the crane in the cloud……
“Chu Shaoxia,We join hands!”Although Zhu Danchen knows Chu Dee’s record,But after all, it is not a close you.,Still just put him in the position of the rivers and lakes。
“Cannot,This person is lightly high,If it is a heart,When we play with him,It’s hard to protect……Zhu Si brother, you protect the wood girl and Yu Xu Dao,I will go to him.。”Chu Deirers said to Zhu Danchen。
Chu Deman’s reasons,Zhu Danchen can’t reject。
“Yun old four,This heroes have to remove them for people today.,Broken your right non-root!”Chu Deman stands out,Specially pulled a wave of hatred first。
“桀桀 桀桀,This big man will say,And see if you have this thing?。”Yunzhong crane,Running and flying up。
Nothing is not much,After all, Yunzhong crane this kind of person,It is often encountered in weekdays.“Heroes”of。
Nothing, it has achieved his bad name.,I have broken his.“Heroes”There are many,It’s just a lot of hard work.……
Yunzhong Crane,Take the crane to stick to Chu Deirers,However, the Chu Deiren directly waist said、Backward,The whole person violates gravity、Only the heel,Evue this kill!
This is because Yue Lao San’s only words,And the Yunzhong Cranes who are very jealous of Chu Deirers,At this point, you will face a few points.。
I saw it in the hand of the crane stick.,Make up flying up and down,So as part of your arm。
Claw、Stick, such as a snake——It is the famous stunt of the cloud crane“Crane snake”。
Not only light effort,The body law is also,The pawl in the hand makes dazzling……
However more than him,It is a Chu Deirers’!
Zhu Danchen、The knife is a long time.,I only feel that it is a Xuanqing two figure.,When you chase me、Time to score a group,The heart is in the dark, the crane, the crane, the name is not flexible,Male seizures is that only Siki Baoli can be compared with it.,More amazed, the deer is similar to the age.,I also have this law。
Chu Deirers also secretly tone……
When I am in three hands with Yue Lao,After the other party is serious,Chu Deirers must have under me,Come with it,Afterward“Swim”Characteristic lock win。
But the martial arts of Yun Lao,This is not as good as Yue Lao 3,And it is different from Yue Lao San’s just,Yun Lao four mainly。
I saw the cloud between the clouds.,Something flute、When there is a circle snake to entangle……
Chu Deirers turned to fight with him more than 50 strokes,Although it is basically hiding,It’s still three or two,But the scene has not fallen in the wind。
So-called“Crane snake”,In Chu Deire,It is said that it is“beat”,In fact, it is more like a road to picking.,Crane、Snake……
certainly,It doesn’t have an aggressive,For example, Shaolin“Dragon claw hand”,As long as the external work is in place,Can also make bone brakes、Flesh and blood,And Yun Lao four obviously does not have a powerful hard work,So build a crane steel bar“Crane snake”Qimen weapon!
Although it is used by him,But after all, just take,Lost the smart that should be taken。