“and,He is still in this process,I have all all of myself,SuccessfulIGThe victory of the group has laid a solid foundation。”

“This wave group battle,If you want to commentMVP,He is not deserved。”
Chapter 260 Five kill(5000Character)
Wang Duo has a little surprised to look at his partner,Even if he already thinks that Guan Ze will blow the palace to clear.。
But he still didn’t think,Tongze Yuan will blow so。
Nodded,Wang Duo has had to agree with some words of Zeyuan.。
“Yes,qgIt is really very exciting in this wave.。IGIn the case of the first hand,Can still win this wave of group battle,His head。”
Wang Duo and the words of Guan Zeyuan,Also after this,Passing the audience before countless screen。
“Wow……This waveIGBe opened,I thought I had to lose.。”
“Me too,I was a sudden in my heart.,so far so good,Gongbao operations。”
“This wave is really the key.,Palace treasure exercises a mistake,Feeling。”
“is not it,Palace,Gario is absolutely dead。otherIGPeople don’t need to say it.。”
“This wave can really,A wave of prenatal wroth。”
“have to say,JDGThis year is really exciting。”
“really,After all, the first echelon。”
“IGCome on,Don’t turn over water here。”
“I’mJDGfan,I am now in my mind.。”
“Nothing brothers,Victory or defeat is standard issue。”
“DistressJDGbrother,Next time you can win back。”
“……How is comfortableJDGfan,ITOPDid you kill nobody distressed??”
“Hahahahahaha,It seems that,German cup once in the spring。”
“Ha ha ha ha,DistressTOPfan。”
“Ha ha ha ha,Heart……Hahahahaha!”
Field game picture。
After the end of this wave of war,IGI won a tower and Xiaolong successfully.。
then,IGDouble group is directly transferred。
Canyon Pioneer has been beforeJDGTake it down,IGNaturally, you don’t have to make a competition for this.。
And after the end of the next time,The friction in the mutant in the field has become more and more.。
16Minute45second,Mogana river is eye-catching,butIGEveryone’s response is also very fast。
finally,A wave3V3Small group battle in the river,Both parties2Change2。
but,IGEliminate the footsteps are also interrupted。
18minute,One wave of hunition of Zhonglixia,Directly seized the opportunity by Qingjin YingEmiddle。
Luo’s reaction is very fast,Avoid the situation in the spike。
but,He is in Mo GunnaQAfterward,Can’t escape。