“The car is out of gas now,I have no use value anymore,You should hurry up and hug your baby!I haven’t heard the child cry for so long,Don’t do anything”

Xia Jian whispered tentatively。He took a peek at the rearview mirror,But the back row is dark,See nothing。
“Close your mouth and sit quietly,Which eye do you see that we have a baby”
Which man said angrily。Xia Jian’s heart trembled,Are these two bastards not human traffickers?,He was deceived by others?Oh my god!Xia Jian felt wrong the more I thought about it,This man should not be holding a child when he got in the car,But something else。
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,A van drove over,Parked in front of his car。
First2688chapter In a thief car
The door of the van slammed open,Two people jumped out of the car,Because the light is too dark,Plus they are very strict in disguise,Looks like a ball,I don’t even know if it’s a male or female。
“Give me things first,Do this guy!”
A low and hoarse voice came from behind。Xia Jian was blinded on the spot,He never expected this group to be so cruel。He is an innocent person who is going to be killed,This is too unreasonable!
No way,Get out immediately,Even dead,Have to fight with these bastards。The key issue now is to unlock the seat belt as quickly as possible,Then open the door。These two actions must be done in one go,No mistakes。Otherwise, whoever sits behind him just needs to use his hands,Then his life is over。
The car shook,Feel like someone got in his car,Then the car door was closed immediately。Just listen to which hoarse voice:“Let me inspect the goods first,See if it is genuine,Don’t be busy most of the night,The result was a fake”
“how could be!Are you doubting my level?”
There is a trace of unhappiness in the woman’s voice。But then there was a rustle,It feels like you opened the package。Until now,Xia Jian just understood,These two bastards deceived him,It’s not a child that they hold,But something。