943 The disappearing inner alchemy
Liu Fengxing’s body burst into red light,Squeeze the right hand into a sword finger and move towards the black ape,A gunshot of flame blasted out。
The flame gun shadow exudes terrifying heat,As if burning the surrounding air。
Black apes also feel dangerous out of animal instinct,The big tree in his hand also stabbed towards the flame,Only the big tree was burnt to charcoal as soon as it touched the flame。
It is to let go,But the flame is still flying,Haven’t burnt it,The high temperature has already scorched the hair on its chest。
The black ape opened his mouth and roared,Such a powerful voice,It’s like a thunderbolt from the nine heavens,Four people running with all their strength,I feel like I’ve been hammered deep in my heart,Very uncomfortable。
A jade-white bead spit out from the black ape’s mouth。
of course,For the black ape this is a bead,For humans, this is a ball the size of a watermelon。
Everyone exclaimed。