Man is dissatisfied with the green clothes:“Obviously I came first.,What do you do to grab with me??”

Branch almost put his hand,Listening to this taste too much,The finger has cleared,Can’t help but test『sex』Congregate:“Running soil?”
Tsing Yi man is shock,I don’t dare to watch her.,a long time,Shake your lips and answer,“Lu Xun eat melon!”
Shenma Lu Xun eat melon。
阮 无 语 噎 噎,Tsing Yi men’s eye is tears。
“Brothers,I finally encountered the second trail.!”
Tsing Yi men struggled to come,“I haven’t made it all these small genius watches.!”
Before he vigorously embraced the branch,枝 递 递 手 手 手 制 制。
Tsing Yi men suddenly realized,road,“Excuse me,Exuberant,I am red-eyed.。”
Good guy。
What is this person?,Actually“Red-eyed literature”all know?
Probably the eyes of branches are too strong,Tsing Yi men explained the eyes:“After I crossed,It’s too boring.,I want to know what kind of world will this be?。Male Frequency, I think I have passed.,Differential,There should be。”
“Today,I have probably know what this world is like.。”
Yan Zhi curiously:“Appreciate further details。”
“I started to listen to all kinds of people who might be out of the world.。The first two years I heard that there is a special disciple in Huhuazong.,I thought it was an orthodox cultivation.;Later I heard that the Mozu kills a clean『chaos』Demon,I think that it is anti-Dragon proud day.;Waiting for the demon circulation again, the lack of demon,I am sure this is a wastewood.。but,These are not,Because the Lord of the Devil is now changed the legendary woman——”
Tsing Yi men’s chest gives conclusions,“In summary,This should be a strong woman|Palace!”
Tsing Yi men still look at her very well,solicit opinions:“Do you think I am right??”
Branch:“Ah this year。”
NS126chapter Chapter 126 is hard to do, she really is successful.……
“……so, You are the woman who is the hunter woman.?”
Touching the eyes of 枝,Tsing Yi men immediately changed,“I mean, You are not the life of the protagonist.!”
He is not deliberate to find someone else., It’s just that this original woman has a demon sign in half a woman., Isn’t it a woman’s backup?;Again,The future may be a magic,That is naturally the opening|The number of roads in the palace。
Who can go,The protagonist of the story is actually his fellow。
Tsing Yi men is called Zhong Xuang,The early branches will pass over a hundred years.,But not the task of carrying the system,He is a thoroughly orone of the world in this long-term。The first time bell is still very prosperous., Xianxian, He is also really used for a while.;The more, he felt that this is difficult to obstinate this.,I have accepted the fact that I am difficult to get a layer of building.,Start research some of the miscellaneous things, All play、By the way, I will find the same crossing.。
“It is said that more than half is the protagonist.,I thought I was the most cattle in the world.。”
Zhong Xiu Ming sighed, Old in, “But repairing this matter, Solve,Also meditating。I saw you today., I am much better than crossing.『force』of,Is the cross-belt system。”
The two interoperable news, 枝 大略 Tongs himself said his own situation,Didn’t tell too detailed,Mainly how she arrives、What to do。
枝 地:“Then I was made of white workers, Now you have a self-friendly force。”
Zhong Xuoming:“……”