People have turned around and flies out,The mouth is sprayed in a mouthful of blood and a few teeth.。
Credit is a belt,But his face is like a iron rod.,From your mouth to your ear,Society of varyable velocity deformation。
Fall on the ground,Twisting,Dizzy。
Not completed。
Then there is a brittle response。
Summer is like a city well mixed,Waving belt,Messless。
However, every person who rushed to the near-front and vomiting blood,Facial flesh and blood blur。
Time is not long。
Just a minute,Fifteen horses who rushed over the ground,Only one person stands in summer。
Chen Erwok stared,I can’t imagine,Directly violent。
The pupil of Jiaofei is constantly contracted and expanded.。
If the summer uses a spicy and exquisite move to defeat these people,He is barely acceptable。
But the other party is so rough, and the belt is smashed.,Then use people all belts……Dizzy?
This……It’s hard to let him accept。
He is very clear that he has more than a dozen people.……However, this is like this, so that the chicken ware is generally unbearable.。
There is no smile on your face.。
Cold staring in summer,“Very good,You once again make me accidentally,Very nice,I am somewhat.,This way,I will give you an opportunity to choose.,Follow me,I can not count
Just now,At the same time, I will persuade two less you.。”
Summer mouth squeezed,What is it。
“Your strength is very,But only this,I want to tell you.,There are days outside the sky.,There are mountains outside the mountain,There are people outside people.,One mountain is higher than a mountain。”
Talk,Jiaofei raises legs to walk。
He is very slow。
But every step,Take a sinister,Overlighted with high high,“Two choices,Surrender,Or,Dead!”
“Can’t help but。”
Since the summer, I said something inexplicably.,Looking at Jiao Fei,“I can’t help but。”
“What!”Jiao Fei frowned cold drink。
“Go to you?!”
Sudden,Summer is like a volcanic eruption.,Walking with a leather,“How can I you?,You put this upload!”
Jiao Fei Face,Calmness。
But the next moment,The pupil shrinks the needle,Khan Mao Li。
A flash-like residue brushed in the retina。