Then the editor-in-chief posted his identity certificate,No one can question。

Those who questioned Xiao Yang immediately closed their mouths,Face is almost green。
Radio Tokai,Deputy director black face,Feel like a clown,Was tricked by Zhao Xueyi and Xiao Yang。
“《Ghost blowing lamp》It was actually written by Teacher Xiao Yang,Teacher Xiao Yang is too talented!”
“This is more than talent,Teacher Xiao Yang is simply a ghost in the world of online novels。”
“I made a decision,from now on,I am a big fan of Teacher Xiao Yang,If anyone dares to have trouble with Teacher Xiao Yang,Who am I never ending!”
“I also turned fans。”
“Same as above!”
Xiao Yang didn’t know,He is a fan group already established,The name is Xiao Yang Fan Group。
Dongsheng Radio。
Zhao Xueyi smiled and said to everyone,“This is Donghai Radio’s slander on Xiao Yang,We should have confidence in our comrades。”
“Teacher Xiao Yang,Congratulations on your injustice!”
Everyone is happy for Xiao Yang。
“thank you all。”Xiao Yang smiled,“I have no other advantages,Is the ability to bear,Not afraid of being scolded。”
Everyone smiled。
“Xiao Yang,Take your half day off this afternoon,Come back tonight。”Paused,Zhao Xueyi said with a smile:“in case《Ghost blowing lamp》This show has a record ratings,I will give you a long vacation。”
“Thank you leader。”